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What is Epson connect services?

Epson connect is one of the most important features in Epson printers. This permits the user to conduct wireless network and remote printing from nearly any electronic device. The main advantage of using Epson connect is that it provides absolute freedom to connect and print from different Epson et 2760  printers that are not even connected to your home network.

Epson connect doesn’t put any limits on the type of files that you want to print. By using this option you can easily print web pages, photographs, emails, documents, and reports from any remote distance. Two primary methods of remote printing are managed using the Epson connect support. Epson email print supports smartphones laptops tablets and other devices.

  • All you just need is a device and an Internet connection. the smart option is its email print.
  • You can create and use a special email address that is directly linked to the Epson printer.
  • Choose the file that has to be printed and send it to this email address.
  • Now the printer will begin the printing process right away.

Epson connect services Setup

The second option is by installing  EPSON iPrint  app on your mobile phone.

  • By using this application you can easily select documents, photos and websites from your phone and start the printing option.
  • You can also print files from online cloud storage devices services and drop boxes efficiently using this unique application.
  • Just connect it to any wireless network and you are ready to print.

The main plus point of Epson connect is that it is compatible with nearly all devices including Apple, Android, Blackberry. This versatile option is what sets Epson printers apart from other competitors.