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Terms of Use

eProSmart thanks you for availing service from us! By using our website, you agree and consent to terms and policies of eProSmart. The terms and policy documents act as a non-signed legal agreement between the entity eProSmart and the Users. This document implies all the resources of the company in any form, including the content, info-graphics, images, and any sort. Also, it includes all the digital services and interactive services (collectively “Services”).To read our privacy policy  Click here


eProSmart is not responsible or liable to inform any modifications and/or deletion of any policy mentioned in this agreement. You solely agree and consent to any such modification and/or deletion to any of the terms on the website. All such modification and/or deletion is effective from the second it is published on the website. eProSmart is not liable to inform any such modification or deletion in these terms and policies. Users of eProSmart are advised to read the terms and policies before using the website.To read our refund policy Click here 


By using the resource and/or ‘Services’ on the website,, you consent that you are of legal age. The eProSmart is designed completely with the US laws as the base and this website and/or the employees, directors, and/or affiliates abide by the US government law. In case the user is from a different country other than the US, any above-mentioned parties do not oblige to that state or the country law.

Use of Marks

All the manufacturer trademark, name, images, and/or logos on the website is only for the reference purpose. eProSmart disclaims ownership or associateship for all such manufacturer intellectual properties. eProSmart is not responsible and/or liable for any loss or damage that may arise due to the misuse of such marks by the users from our website. eProSmart disclaims all warranties and guarantees from the manufacturer for any product that is listed on the website. All the listings, images and other manufacturer info is only for reference purpose.

Proprietary Rights

All resources on the website, including the text content, images, info-graphics, data, and any sort, are the sole property of eProSmart. All these mentioned and non-mentioned resources from the website are the non-expressly registered property of eProSmart under the Copyright Law of the US. You non-expressly consent and agree to use these resources only for the reference purpose and not for any financial and/or any other beneficial purpose.

Compliance with Law

You solely consent eProSmart to collect, store, use, reuse, delete and share your information in good faith under the US Privacy policy. You non-expressly agree that you understand that the data collected from you is used only in good faith and is preserved unless under certain legal and non-legal circumstances.

Warranties and Disclaimers


a) Any warranty or guarantee for the products on the website that is promised or provided by the manufacturer does not apply and/or imply to eProSmart. eProSmart is not affiliated and/or associated with any of the manufacturers and is totally an independent venture. We, the entire entity eProSmart is not responsible for any such warranty or promise from the manufacturer.

b) Availing and/or using any service from the website eProSmart does not guarantee any validity, timeline, and/or warranty for such service. All these services provided through the website are “as is” and “as on” basis. eProSmart disclaims responsibility and liability for any such warranty or any representation of any kind. eProSmart disclaims responsibility and liability for any such timeline expiry, validation expiry, deletion of information, misleading, misguiding, and/or delivery of misappropriating and non-accurate information on the products in the website. We, eProSmart, its direct and indirect employees, including the technicians and directors, are not responsible and liable for any loss or error that may arise during the software update process.

c) Availing any service from eProSmart, including the drivers, software, and the instruction manuals, is at your own risk. eProSmart is not responsible and/or liable for any damage, loss, and/or modification of data on your electronic device during and/or due to availing the service.

d) eProSmart is an independent service provider not affiliated and/or associated with the manufacturer. eProSmart is not associated or affiliated with any other company or website. We, eProSmart and its employees and/or representatives are not responsible for any fraud or misleading that may happen through any other third party in the name of eProSmart.

Termination of Services

eProsmart reserves rights to modify, revoke, delete, cancel, add, and/or deny any of the mentioned services on the website without any prior notification. Any such change or modification may be permanent or temporary. eProSmart is not responsible for any financial, physical, and/or data loss that may arise due to these modifications and/or denial of service as on the website. You consent and agree to hold eProSmart not responsible for any such loss and hold eProSmart and its employees and owners free from any claim, credit, or of any sort.

Controlling Law and Severability

All these terms of use are governed and monitored by the US government laws. In case the government declares any of these considerations are invalid or modified, the same will be modified in these policies along with the necessary changes. The same modification is enforced under the law, and the remaining policies and terms remain unchanged.