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Refund Policy

eProSmart provides complete technical instructions for printer setup and troubleshooting. Our experts assist you with fixing your printer query. There may be a charge depending on the issue and the fix. eProSmart visions 100% customer satisfaction through the service rendered. If you are not satisfied with our expert service, you may opt for a refund*. Please raise a request for refund within 24 hours of availing our service either through the website, and/or chat, and/or call. If the refund request is raised after 24 hours or is raised for an invalid reason, the same may be denied. eProSmart is not liable or responsible for any false claims. For raising a refund request, please call us at our toll-free number.To read our terms of use Click here 

eprosmart refund policy

One-time fix

Refund process

In case of a one-time fix, if the issue recurs within the next 48hrs from the time of the first service, approach our experts for a refund. Our professionals will try to re-fix the error, and if the same recurs, we will process the refund. Be informed that any request raised after 48 hours from the time of fix will be denied without further ado or notification. eProSmart is not liable and/or responsible for any claims made after 48 hours.

Once the refund request is processed at our end, it will take at least 4-7 business days depending on the bank. After initiating the refund request, your corresponding bank is responsible for completing the transaction. Any delay in the refund process due to bank holiday or bank issue, eProSmart is not liable or responsible. Also, eProSmart is not liable for any form of dispute that may arise due to the refund request.

By using the website, it is understood that you read the terms and accepted to the same non-expressly. Any dispute raised on the refund policy abides the US law and does not obey any other law.