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Privacy Policy

This document provides the Privacy policy of the website eProSmart in detail. The users are advised to read the document completely before using the website.Privacy Policy of eprosmart aims at making it clear and easy for understanding the below concepts while using our website: To read our refund policy Click here


  1. Collection of Information
  2. Disclosure of information
  3. Retention of your Information
  4. US Privacy Rights
eprosmart privacy policy

1.Collection of Information:

eProSmart collects the basic information necessary for offering the best service for our users. This information may be through the cookies, chat, call, and/or our employees, and these are protected by the Privacy law of the US. We tend to collect any of this information from the user through the website, forms, our employees, and/or any sort. The information we collect may include:

  1. Your first and last name,
  2. Email address
  3. Age
  4. Residing or working address
  5. Mobile or phone numbers,
  6. Birthday,
  7. Demographic information
  8. Other information

This personal information is collected, stored, disclosed, and restored under the US Privacy Law. eProSmart is not responsible or liable for any loss or share of these data due to information breach or attacks.

2. Disclosure of Information:

eProSmart reserves and holds complete rights to disclose your ‘personal’ information under the circumstances. eProSmart, the employees, and/or the directors are not liable and/or responsible for any loss of such data during transmission.

Your consent

At times, our service providers may offer additional assistance on behalf of us and only for legitimate business purposes. In such cases, we share your personal information in good faith only under your consent. The consent may be acquired through the written or acceptance of cookies. We hold complete rights to free ourselves in case of any discrepancy or dispute.

3. Retention of information:

eProSmart reserves complete rights to hold, preserve and retain any such collected your ‘personal information,’ abiding the US Privacy Law. eProSmart, its employees and/or directors reserve rights not to be charged guilty or responsible for retaining the information.

Information Security

The information collected from you through the website, cookies, employees, and/or chat is down only through digital transmission. You expressly agree and consent that you clearly understand that eProSmart is not responsible and/or liable for any data loss that may happen during the transmission. By using the website in any sort, you consent that you understand that the data transmission is solely through digital means and is at your own risk. Also, you consent to understand that the data transmission through different servers and eProSmart is not liable and/or responsible for any data loss or breach during the transmission. You consent and agree that you will not hold eProSmart liable for any data loss or breach during the transmission. Also, you understand that the data storage and transmission are completely within the Information and Privacy Law of the United States.

4. US Privacy Policies:

eProSmart Privacy Policy is totally designed to obey and stay within the line of the United States privacy law and the FTC Law. Any data that is collected through the website is protected by the US Privacy Law. Ever and/or all the information is collected, stored, retained, shared, and/or destroyed from you only under the privacy law of the United States.

If you are a user from anywhere outside the US, the privacy law still abides only the Privacy Law of the United States. eProSmart is not responsible and/or liable to obey any other country’s privacy law. If the other law says it is wrong, still, eProSmart answers only the US privacy law.