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hp smart tank plus 555 printer

HP Smart Tank Plus 555 All-in-one printer

How to setup, Print, Copy, Scan on your HP Smart Tank 555 printer

Get quality prints in a snap with the HP Smart Tank 555 Manual printer. This highly advanced printer is compatible with USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth connection. The integrated ink system and the refill bottles assist with endless printing for 2 years. Establish a connection with your printer and print files easily from the HP app. To see more similar models please Click here.

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HP Smart Tank Plus 555 Unboxing

Step 1:  How to unbox HP Smart Tank Plus 555 Printer

Unpacking and power connection are the basic steps for setting up any printer model. Now, we made it easy for you with the below HP Smart Tank 555 Manual and instructions.hp smart tank plus 555 manual unbox & connecting cable
  1. Initially, peel off the outer stickers and wrappers on the HP Smart Tank 555 printer box.
  2. Then, hold the sides of the printer and pull it out gently.
  3. After that, remove the accessories that are inside the box and keep them ready.
  4. Now, get the original power cord and select a direct power socket.
  5. Then, check the cable for twists and bends and then plug-in to the printer and power supply.
  6. Next, turn on your HP plus 555 printer and wait for it to boot up.
  7. After the printer is on, the LCD guides you with the instructions for the display settings.

HP Smart tank Plus 555 Install Ink

Step 2: How to Install Ink on HP Smart Tank Plus 555


The printer is pre-installed with the empty tanks for each color. Now, you have to fill each tank with the individual ink bottles. Keep the ink containers ready and follow the steps below.

hp smart tank plus 555 fill the ink tanks
  1. Initially, look into the printer box for the necessary ink bottles.
  2. Now, grab the yellow ink bottle to begin with filling the tank.
  3. Then, twist the lid of the yellow ink tank and open it.
  4. Next, fix the yellow bottle inverted on the yellow tank so that the ink flows gently.
  5. It may take a few minutes to fill the tank completely.
  6. Once it is completed, you can remove the bottle and close the tank and bottle.
  7. For filling each tank, use the steps mentioned above.

Note: Do not shake or squeeze the bottle while the bottle is fixed on the tank. If the ink is not draining, remove the bottle and reinsert it.

Step 3: How to Install Print heads on HP Smart Tank Plus 555


Now, find the printheads in the received printer package. Then, walk through our steps to finish the printhead installation.

hp smart tank plus 555 install printer heads
  1. To begin with, pull the front cover to open the access door.
  2. Then, you can find the carriage moving towards the edge and halts.
  3. Once it stops, pull the plastic bar over the printhead.
  4. Next, push down the blue latch and open the top cover.
  5. After opening it, detach the plastic mold that is already fitted inside.
  6. Now, unwrap the fresh printheads and remove the plugs on the top of the printheads.
  7. Then, peel off the stickers from the printhead contacts.
  8. Finally, snap the printhead in the empty printhead slot.

HP Smart Tank Plus 555 Load Paper

Step 4:  How to Load paper on tray for HP Smart Tank Plus 555


For loading papers, here are the easy instructions. Now, follow these steps only after completing the above initial steps.

hp smart tank plus 555 load papers
  1. Firstly, know the compatible papers and their size.
  2. Then, collect paper sheets according to your needs and order them well without any folds and wrinkles.
  3. Then, pull out the paper tray and move the width guide to the left edge.
  4. After that, insert the papers in the extended tray and calibrate the guide accordingly.
  5. Then, ensure that you have adjusted the width guide to match the paper height.
  6. Now, the printer proceeds with the alignment page printing.
  7. Lastly, go through the complete instructions on the printout and move on to the printhead alignment.

Note: Do not stuff more papers than the tray capacity.

HP Smart Tank Plus 555 Driver

Step 5: How to Download & install driver for HP Smart Tank Plus 555 setup

Discover the compatible set of the HP 555 drivers to download and install. You can avail the drivers from the CD offered with the printer. Now, load it to move the driver files to the Mac or Windows computer. However, the CD is only for installing the basic driver files. For the best recent drivers, go to the setup page and download the drivers. Now, go through the below set of instructions.

  1. Initially, connect the computer to a stable wireless connection.
  2. Then, visit the printer setup page to find the matching Smart Tank 555 drivers.
  3. Next, download the printer driver with the Download option.
  4. Then, proceed to install the drivers. For that, right-click on the driver file and choose the Install option.
  5. Finally, follow the on-screen prompts to choose the connection type and complete the installation.