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hp smart tank plus 551 printer

HP Smart Tank Plus 551 All-in-one printer

How to Setup, Print, Copy, Scan on your HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Printer

HP has introduced the latest HP Smart Tank Plus 551 all-in-one printer, which aims at printing high quality and high quantity prints. This HP Smart Tank Plus 551 wireless all-in-one printer can connect to the network and the computer wirelessly.
Also, the latest smart tanks reduce the job of replacing the cartridges. Along with the pack, you will get an ink pack valid for 2 years. With these smart tanks, you can fill the inks easily in a flip and print endlessly! To see more similar models please Click here.

hp smart tank plus 551 driver downloadFinding difficulties to setup HP Smart Tank Plus 551 printer? Reach our team of  technical experts for more help

HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Unboxing

Step 1: How to unbox HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Printer

Unboxing the brand new HP Smart Tank plus 551 printer is like some other HP Printer. Here is the fundamental arrangement of instructions for unpacking the new HP Smart plus 551 printers from the container and HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup instructions.hp smart tank plus 551 unbox & connecting cable
  1. Initially, unwrap all the tapes over the packing and haul the printer out cautiously.
  2. Next, eliminate all the packing materials on the printer surface.
  3. Now, continue with connecting the brand new HP Smart Tank Plus 551 printer to the power supply.
  4. View the instructions to attach the power cable and display settings.
  5. Usually, you get an original HP Power cable in the case alongside the printer.
  6. Now, interface the power cable from the brand new HP Smart Tank plus 551 printer to the wall outlet.
  7. Press the power button on the HP all-in-one printer to turn on the HP 551.
  8. Now, on the LCD, you can see the printer prompting for setting the Preferences settings.
  9. Here, change the estimations of HP 551 printer preferences like date, time, language, and location.
  10. Proceed with cartridge installation.

HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Install Ink

Step 2: How to Install Ink on HP Smart Tank Plus 551


Prior to proceeding with the Printer head installation measure, you should fill the tanks. HP offers an ink bottle for printing purposes. Here are the simple strides to fill the tank with the HP Color ink Tanks.

hp smart tank plus 551 fill the ink tanks
  1. Initially bend and open the ink tank caps.
  2. Next, open the tank caps on the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 printer.
  3. Now, place the bottle upstanding, locking it on the tap solidly.
  4. Here, don’t press the bottle to fill the tank. Let the ink stream into the tanks.
  5. Now, close the tanks and continue with installing the printer heads.

Step 3: How to Install Print heads on HP Smart Tank Plus 551


For each printer, the cartridge installation is indistinguishable. Notwithstanding, here, you ought to install the cartridge in the wake of filling the tanks. Here are the finished instructions to install the printer heads.

hp smart tank plus 551 install printer heads
  1. Initially, open the access door and take out the packing materials.
  2. Next, open up the new printer head from the pack and strip off the tape over the contact heads.
  3. Now, place the printer heads into the individual spaces cautiously and lock them set up.
  4. Next, close the access door of HP Smart Tank Plus 551.
  5. Now, continue to stack papers on the paper input tray.

HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Load Paper

Step 4: How to Load paper on tray for HP Smart Tank Plus 551


HP Smart Tank Plus 551 is viable with pretty much every media file, including the standard U.S. Letter-sized paper and the photograph sheets. You would now be able to adhere to the paper loading instructions beneath to stack the printing papers on the HP Smart Tank plus 551 paper tray.

hp smart tank plus 551 load papers
  1. To begin with, take a lot of value papers, and spot them cautiously on the paper tray.
  2. Here, we firmly suggest the U.S. letter-sized paper unexpectedly installation measure.
  3. After that, adjust the printing papers according to the guidelines at the edges of the paper tray.
  4. Now, close the paper tray and print the arrangement page.

HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Driver

Step 5: How to Download & install driver for HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup

You can download the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 printer driver and software unexpectedly installation from the driver download and installation CD that you get with the printer in the pack. In any case, this arrangement of drivers is the essential one for the printer execution and outdated version ones. In the event that you are searching for the most recent arrangement of HP Smart Tank plus 551 drivers and software, you can download it from the website. Here are the instructions for downloading the HP Smart Tank plus 551 drivers from the website and installing it.

  1. Initially, distinguish the OS version of your computer.
  2. Next, download the most recent and viable OS version from the website to your computer.
  3. Here, guarantee that you get the most recent HP Smart Tank Plus 551 driver for the updated OS version. Any inconsistency in the OS version may cause similarity issues during the installation.
  4. Now, remove the downloaded file from your computer. At that point initiate the AutoRun installer file.
  5. Here, adhere to the arrangement of instructions to continue with the software download and installation measure.
  6. Now, halfway through the installation, the printer prompts for connecting the Windows or MAC computer to the HP Smart Tank plus 551 printers. Here, you can utilize either the wired USB association or the remote setup.
  7. For definite HP Smart Tank Plus 551 remote setup instructions, you can contact printer specialists. According to the wireless association instruction that you get, you can finish the wifi setup measure quiet.
  8. Now, complete the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 software installation measure as recorded in the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 manual and print a test file from your computer.

Recorded beneath are a portion of the MAC and Windows 10 operating framework versions that are profoundly viable with HP Smart Tank Plus 6475:
Windows Compatible OS versions are both 32 and 64 cycles of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
MAC Supported OS versions are MAC OS El Capita (10.11) or later.