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hp smart tank 7001 printer setup

HP Smart Tank 7001 All-in-one printer

Finding trouble setting up your HP Smart Tank 7001 All-in-one printer? Follow the steps below to make your set-up easy and quick and hassle-free.

The HP Smart Tank 7001 all-in-one printers with wireless connectivity deliver high-capacity printing. It is easy to use by all members of your family from homework to official work. It offers a wide range of features that allows you to print, copy, scan, and borderless prints resulting in high-quality output. Its high-end technology offers exceptional quality and automatic duplex printing.Please Click here to see more similar models.

hp smart tank 7001 driver downloadFinding difficulties to setup HP Smart Tank 7001 printer? Reach our team of  technical experts for more help

HP Smart Tank 7001 Unboxing

Step 1: How to unbox HP Smart Tank 7001 Printer

 hp smart tank 7001 unbox & connecting cable
  1. To begin with, remove wrappers from the box and get the printer out.
  2. Place the printer on a flat surface.
  3. Look for the original power cable; connect one end to the power supply socket and the other to the printer.
  4. Check if power is generated through the cable to the printer.
  5. Now, switch on the printer and wait for it to come in.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Install Ink

Step 2: How to Install Ink on HP Smart Tank 7001

Steps made simple to help Install Ink in The HP Smart Tank 7001 Printer.hp smart tank 7001 fill the ink tanks
  1. Carefully remove the cover from the ink bottle.
  2. Secondly, remove the lid from the ink tank.
  3. Gently tilt the ink bottle into the tank allowing the ink to fill up.
  4. Avoid pressing the ink bottle while transferring the ink.
  5. Now, wait for the tank to fill up and close the tank with its lid.

Step 3: How to Install Print heads on HP Smart Tank 7001

Not sure how to install printer heads on the HP Smart Tank 7001 printer? Follow the steps below to help make your process quicker.

hp smart tank 7001 install printer heads

  1. First, open the print head access door and pause until the carriage stops.
  2. By removing the plastic handle open the latch of the printer handle.
  3. Remove and discard the orange guard carefully to avoid ink stains
  4. Then, remove print heads from the packing followed by removing the orange cover and protective tapes from both print heads.
  5. Carefully, insert the print heads.
  6. Close the print head cover followed by closing the ink access door.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Load Paper

Step 4: How to Load paper on tray for HP Smart Tank 7001

 hp smart tank 7001 load papers
  1. You will find an input tray on your printer, open it.
  2. Adjust the paper guides to the edges of the input tray on your HP Smart Tank 7001 printer.
  3. Stack plain white paper in the input tray with the side that you want to print facing downwards.
  4. Close the input tray, pulling out the output tray extender.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Driver

Step 5: How to Download & install driver for HP Smart Tank 7001 setup

  1. Power up the system and find the latest OS version.
  2. Find the latest upgrade and upgrade the system.
  3. Reach the support page and choose HP Smart Tank 7001 printer and download.
  4. Specify a connection mode as USB or Wi-Fi and complete the setup.
  5. Complete the following steps on the screen.
  6. Finally, run a print test and you are good to go.