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hp smart tank 530 all-in-one printer

HP Smart Tank 530 All-in-one printer

How to setup, Print, Copy, Scan on your HP Smart Tank 530 Printer

Achieve faster printing with the HP Smart Tank 530 printer. Along with scan, copy, and print, the printer offers faster and reliable wireless connection. Now, get unstoppable printouts with the integrated ink system. The printer supports secure connection through the dual-band wifi and mobile printing for instant printing.To see more similar models please Click here.

hp smart tank 530 driver downloadFinding difficulties to setup HP Smart Tank 530 printer? Reach our team of  technical experts for more help

HP Smart Tank 530 Unboxing

Step 1: How to unbox HP Smart Tank 530 Printer


To set up the HP Smart Tank 530 flawlessly, you definitely need to follow the easy steps. Start your everyday printing on completing the setup.

hp smart tank 530 unbox & connecting cable
  1. To begin with, unpack your device, find the tapes and clear them gently.
  2. Then, lift the printer to move to the clean surface.
  3. Then, empty the printer box by taking out the power cord and other accessories.
  4. After that, figure out the built-in power port on the computer and also the electrical socket.
  5. After that, connect the cord to the selected ports and switch on the printer.
  6. Then, navigate through the available options on the control panel to choose settings.
  7. Once you have set the display settings, move to the ink installation.

HP Smart Tank 530 Install Ink

Step 2: How to Install Ink on HP Smart Tank 530


The printer needs original ink to print on media types. For that, install the received ink bottles onto the printer tank to fill ink. Start the procedure with our easy-to-follow instructions.

hp smart tank 530 fill the ink tanks
  1. Initially, get any one of the ink bottles from the package and flip the lid.
  2. Then, select the same ink tank and keep it open.
  3. Then, fit the bottle onto the tank with the bottle’s spout facing the ink tank.
  4. The ink starts to get filled up in the tank slowly and monitor it.
  5. When the ink level reaches the top, stop the ink feeding, and remove the bottle.
  6. Finally, use similar steps to fill ink for the remaining 3 colors.

Step 3: How to Install Print heads on HP Smart Tank 530


The previous models released from HP has built-in printheads. Unlike those models, Smart Tank comes with separate printheads, which needs to be installed. Go through the following instructions now.

hp smart tank 530 install printer heads
  1. From the printer accessories, take the printhead package.
  2. Unpack them and clear the extra tape and orange-colored plugs.
  3. Then, open the front door covering the printhead area.
  4. Once you lift down the door, the carriage moves slowly and stops in the middle.
  5. Here, clear the plastic cover and pull the latch.
  6. After that, put the printheads in the slots by sliding in.

Finally, check if it fits well and now close the opened door.

HP Smart Tank 530 Load Paper

Step 4: How to Load paper on tray for HP Smart Tank 530


Selecting and installing the paper is crucial while you set up the device. It is easy to install papers. However, if you have selected the compatible papers, then it is a problem. To make it easy, here are easy steps.

hp smart tank 530 load papers
  1. Initially, use the handle to grab out the media or paper tray.
  2. Before that, refer to the printer guide to know the compatible media formats.
  3. Accordingly, select the sheets to fit inside the tray.
  4. Then, keep the papers in order before your stack them.
  5. After that, check the tray and arrange the sheet in the portrait.
  6. Finally, stack the papers and calibrate the guide as needed.
  7. Note: Use the same size and type of papers for error-free paper loading.

HP Smart Tank 530 Driver

Step 5: How to Download & install driver for HP Smart Tank 530 setup

Before starting the HP smart tank 530 driver download, check the package for CD. It is easy to proceed if you have got the driver CD. Otherwise, go to the driver setup page and follow the instructions.

  1. Initially, switch on the desktop and verify the OS to get the suitable drivers.
  2. Now, head to the driver page from the browser.
  3. Here, type your printer number and the OS version.
  4. Then, download the driver that you need for basic and advanced printing.
  5. Next, install the AutoRun or core file by double-clicking on it.
  6. Finally, wait for the connection screen and select the USB or wireless.
  7. According to the printer connection mode selected, follow the steps.

Suitable OS Windows device version: Windows 10 and 8 with 32 and 64-bit & Windows 7 and 7.1 with 32 and 64-bit.
Suitable OS Mac version: Mac OS 10.11 – Mac OS version 10.15