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We offers a wide range of printers, depending on the printing needs. You can buy the latest model HP Printers for home, small business, home office, and large business. Now enjoy the complete printing and the connectivity features with HP Printers. Also, the latest set of drivers and software makes it easy to enable the complete HP printer features in a snap. Now choose your best fit from the HP Deskjet, Envy, Officejet, and the Officejet Pro Series.

HP Printer Setup

Find Support For Your HP Printers.

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Instant and immediate solution for all HP Printer related queries. Our team of experts are here to handhold through the process of Printer Setup, driver Download and Network Setup.

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Drivers and Downloads

Get the latest and the compatible HP printer drivers and software for both Windows and MAC. Now update your Printer drivers to the latest versions in a snap with experts assistance.

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Reach our team of professionals for quick solution through either call or chat. We are here 24×7 round the clock to assist you with any printer related issues. 

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4 - Easy Steps to Setup Your New HP Printer

Printer setup is now with the below 4 significant steps. Follow these for an hassle-free printer setup! Also now enjoy the top-notch service for any printer related queries from our experts. Looking for the compatible drivers? Reach us through call or chat and we are here to assist you!

Step 1: How to unbox

  1. To begin with, printer unboxing, gently pull the printer out of the box, and remove all the packing materials off the printer.
  2. Here, check for any plastic tapes both on and on the printer surface.
  3. Also, ensure that you remove the packing material off the cartridge carrier before proceeding further with the installation process.
  4. After getting rid of the packing materials, take the original power cord that came in the pack along with the printer.
  5. Now, connect one end of this power cable to the printer.
  6. Next, connect the other end to the direct power supply and turn on the printer.

Step 2: How to Setting up display & Install Cartridges

  1. Now, proceed with the language and preferences settings once the printer is on.
  2. You can change the Preferences settings later in the future if needed.
  3. To begin with, the cartridge installation, open the cartridge access door when the printer is still on.
  4. Now, unwrap the new cartridges and peel off the protective plastic tapes off the copper contact heads.
  5. NOTE: Be cautious not to touch these copper heads as it damages the cartridge permanently.
  6. Next, insert them into the respective slots and fit them in the place.

Step 3: How to Load paper on tray

  1. To load the paper, open the input tray, and verify for any packing materials. Remove the tapes, if any.
  2. After that, take an ample amount of recommended sheets to print the alignment paper.
  3. Now, align these papers in the input tray with the guidelines given.
  4. After aligning the sheets, close the input tray, and try printing the alignment paper.

Step 4: How to Download & install driver

Usually, you get a CD/DVD in the printer pack during the purchase. This Installation CD/DVD contains the basic set of drivers and software for the regular performance of your printer. You can use this CD to install the drivers to the device or the printer.

In case you are looking for the latest or complete set of drivers, feel free to ask our experts, and we are here to assist you!

  1. To begin with, the HP Printer Driver download, download the core file to your device (Windows or MAC).
  2. Next, run the AutoRun.exe file. Now, you can see the list of easy to follow instructions.
  3. Here, follow these instructions to complete the driver download and installation process.

Now you can install the HP Printer drivers and software for both Windows and MAC OS versions. In case you are unable to find the compatible OS version, reach our experts through chat or call. We are here to assist you with downloading and installing the latest driver for your computer. Here is a quick list of common compatible Windows and MAC OS versions. However, these versions of Windows and MAC may change depending on the printer model number.

Compatible Windows OS versions: 32 bit of Windows XP and Vista, 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Some of the HP printers are compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit of Windows Vista OS versions. However, some have the latest drivers, software, and firmware for both 32 bit and 64 bit XP and Vista, whereas some have only the firmware for 64 bit.

Compatible MAC OS versions: The supported MAC OS versions usually range from 10.7 (Lion) to 10.15 (Catalina). You can now download, install, and update drivers for these MAC OS versions.

Windows Software Update: You can now updater the HP Printer drivers and software along with your Windows OS versions. However, you may face a few error messages when you upgrade from Windows 7/8/8.1 to 10. To fix these errors after Windows 10 Update, reach our experts.

Apple Software Update: Unfortunately, Apple is no longer providing Apple Software Update for HP Printers. To update the HP Printer drivers and software for MAC, you should follow the manual driver update instructions. Else, ring our experts and we assist you with the complete process.

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