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hp envy pro 6478 printer setup

HP Envy Pro 6478 All-in-one printer

The HP Envy Pro 6478 all-in-one printer is one of the sleek and compact printers. It supports the home office and business printing necessities. The HP Envy Pro 6478 printer consists of a 35-page automatic document feeder. Also, consists of a 100-page holder input tray. It can connect with the HP Smart App in no time and print at ease. The HP Envy Pro 6478 is excellent as it works on both MAC and Windows. HP Envy Pro supports wireless connection using which you can print from anywhere at any time. The HP Envy Pro 6478 printer is also known as an entry-level multi-functional printer. Click here
hp envy pro 6478 printerFinding difficulties to setup HP Envy Pro 6478 printer? Reach our team of  technical experts for more help

HP Envy Pro 6478 Unboxing

Step 1: How to unbox HP Envy Pro 6478

hp envy pro 6478 printer setup unbox
  1. Unboxing is the foremost need for HP Envy Pro 6478 setup. Remove the protective tape and open the printer box.
  2. Get the HP Envy Pro 6478 manual for instructions to set up your printer.
  3. Also, take out the top-notch printer accessories that have accompanied your printer pack.
  4. Unwrap protective tapes and all other packing materials. Ensure no packing materials are surrounding printer accessories, control panel, and scanner glass.
  5. Next, place your HP Envy Pro 6478 printer near a wall outlet. Also, look to that the surface is flat.

Check whether you have detached all the packing materials from your HP Envy Pro printer.

HP Envy Pro 6478 Connect

Step 2: How to connect power cable & display settings on Envy Pro 6478

hp envy pro 6478 printer connecting power
  1. Continuous power supply is essential for a printer to stay active without interruption.
  2. Look to that both your HP printer and the wall outlet are not too far.
  3. Now, get an error-free power cable and connect it between the printer and the wall outlet.
  4. Turn on the power supply now and wait until your HP printer turns on.
  5. Now, on the display screen, you will get a prompt asking you to complete the display settings. Select date, time, language, and region to complete the setup process.

The power supply to your Envy Pro printer should be continuous without any hindrance.

HP Envy Pro 6478 Install Ink

Step 3: How to Install Cartridges on Envy Pro 6478

hp envy pro 6478 printer install
  1. Quality printouts are possible only with top-notch HP ink cartridges. Open the access door by keeping your HP Envy Pro 6478 printer active.
  2. Now, shop for original HP ink cartridges. Or use the ink cartridges that have accompanied your printer box.
  3. Unwrap the plastic materials surrounding the nozzle of the HP ink cartridge.
  4. Now, install the cartridges in the respective slot and close the cartridge area.

Are you using a non-HP ink cartridge? Then your printer performance will ruin day by day.

HP Envy Pro 6478 Load Paper

Step 4: How to Load paper on tray for Envy Pro 6478

hp envy pro 6478 printers load papers
  1. Stuff quality sheets into the paper tray to get stunning printouts. Keep your printer on while you open the input paper tray.
  2. Now, clean the paper tray and ensure there are no clots or wrappers in the tray.
  3. Take a bunch of quality printing sheets and stuff them into the input paper tray.
  4. Also, check that there are no foldings or damage in the edges.

HP recommended printing sheets will maximize your printer performance in the shortest lead-time.

HP Envy Pro 6478 Driver

Step 5: How to Download & install driver for HP Envy Pro 6478 Setup

  1. The HP Envy Pro 6478 driver is essential for your printer to work without any hindrance. Update the OS of your PC first.
  2. Now, open a browser and browse for a genuine HP website. Find a direct driver download link of your necessity.
  3. Hit on the link to download the .exe file of the driver software. Run the downloaded file.
  4. You will see an installation setup wizard on the screen. Do all the steps as per the wizard. Select a network mode to complete the HP printer driver installation.

A fully-updated driver software will provide more exciting features to print at ease.

HP Envy Pro 6478 Wireless

Step 6: How to connect HP Envy Pro 6478 to wireless?

  1. HP Envy Pro 6478 wireless printer setup is not a tedious process. Be ready with a router, printer, and computer.
  2. Click on the wireless button of the router. And proceed with the HP Envy Pro 6478 manual wireless setup process.
  3. Now, in a couple of minutes, you should turn on the wireless settings of your printer.
  4. Next, on your PC, select the HP Envy Pro 6478 wireless setup menu. You will see a wireless setup wizard on the display screen.
  5. Go along with the steps. Enter the password and wait for your printer to get a new wireless connection.

Check whether your wireless network is free from buffers.

HP Envy Pro 6478 Wired

Step 7: Connect HP Envy Pro 6478 for wired connection

  1. Your HP Envy Pro 6478 printer can connect with your PC using a wired connection at ease. Place your printer and the computer on a flat surface together.
  2. Take a new USB cable. And unwrap the USB cable without any protective materials surrounding it.
  3. Now, connect the USB cable between the devices. Check whether your PC have an appropriate wired network driver software installed.
  4. Next, wait until your devices get a new wired connection.
  5. Assign print tasks of your choice and check the reliability of the USB cable connection.

The USB cable connection is secure and easy to establish.

HP Envy Pro 6478 Fix

Step 8: HP Envy Pro 6478 Ink Problem Fix

  1. The prime problem that ruins the printer performance is damage in the ink cartridge. So, keep checking the cartridges for better working conditions.
  2. Look to that you have unwrapped the plastic coverings from the nozzle of the HP ink cartridges.
  3. Replace any empty cartridges in the access area to enjoy uninterrupted printouts.
  4. A leaking cartridge is also a hassle. So, replace the leaking cartridge in no time.

An HP Envy Pro printer provides exclusive printouts with a genuine HP ink cartridge. So, do not use a non-HP ink cartridge that might be cost-effective.