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hp envy pro 6475 printer setup

HP Envy Pro 6475 All-in-one printer

An all-in-one printer can handle all the print, copy, scan tasks at ease. HP Envy Pro 6475 is a versatile printer and supports both wired and wireless connections. It connects with the HP Smart App in no time and lets you explore prints on the go. HP Envy Pro 6475 printer comes with several exciting features and simplifies printing.
The 35-page automatic document feeder assists you in printing on-time without any hassles. Also, share fax with the email-enabled printer. It also consists of an input paper tray that can hold enough printing sheets of high-quality at a time.Click here

hp envy pro 6475 printerFinding difficulties to setup HP Envy Pro 6475 printer? Reach our team of  technical experts for more help

HP Envy Pro 6475 Unboxing

Step 1: How to unbox HP Envy Pro 6475

hp envy Pro 6475 printer setup unbox
  1. Unleashing a printer package is necessary to do print tasks at ease. Remove the packing tapes and open the printer box.
  2. Now, collect and use the HP Envy Pro 6475 manual and accessories to complete the HP Envy Pro 6475 setup.
  3. Remove all the packing materials from the accessories, control panel, and scanner glass.
  4. Place your HP Envy Pro 6475 printer on a flat surface. Check whether an electrical socket is near the surface.
  5. Unwrap all the packing materials to complete the setup process at ease.
Note: Ensure you are ready with your device to set up and use.

HP Envy Pro 6475 Connect

Step 2: How to connect power cable & display settings on Envy Pro 6475

hp envy Pro 6475 printer connecting power
  1. HP Envy Pro 6475 printer requires a consistent power supply. Place your all-in-one printer close to a wall outlet.
  2. Now, unwrap a power cable and check for reliability. The power cord should be free from defects.
  3. Next, connect the power cord between the HP Envy Pro 6475 all-in-one printer and the wall outlet.
  4. Switch on the power supply and wait for your printer to turn on. You will now see display settings on the control panel.
  5. Make all the display settings of your desire and continue printing the files.

Note: A consistent power supply is always necessary for your printer to work fine.

HP Envy Pro 6475 Install Ink

Step 3: How to Install Cartridges on Envy Pro 6475

hp envy Por 6475 printer install
  1. Boot up your HP Envy Pro 6475 all-in-one printer. And open the cartridge access area.
  2. Now, get a new HP ink cartridge and unwrap the protective wrappings from the nozzle.
  3. Find a slot as per the color of the cartridge and fix them into it.
  4. Close the cartridge access area. Now, start printing, copying, and scanning your files in the colors of your wish.

Note: A genuine HP ink cartridge will provide remarkable print results. A non-HP ink cartridge will affect the printer performance.

HP Envy Pro 6475 Load Paper

Step 4: How to Load paper on tray for Envy Pro 6475

hp envy pro 6475 printer paper load
  1. Stuff quality printing sheets into the paper tray. Turn on your device and lift the input paper tray.
  2. Remove all the protective tapes and packing materials from the input paper tray. Check that there are no paper clots in the tray.
  3. Now, take a bunch of quality printing sheets and insert them in the paper tray.
  4. Check that the edges of the paper are straight without any folds.

Note: The input paper tray can hold most printing sheets of high-quality.

HP Envy Pro 6475 Driver

Step 5: How to Download & install driver for HP Envy Pro 6475 Setup

  1. Switch on your printer and the computer to install a driver.
  2. Update your OS and move on to a secure browser. Go to an original HP website and find a direct HP Envy Pro 6475 driver download link.
  3. Tap on the link to get the driver file. Run the file now to get an installation setup wizard.
  4. Follow the instructions on the setup wizard. Select a wired or a wireless network. And complete the driver installation setup process.
  5. Next, assign a print task and check the reliability of your driver software.

Note: Download and Install only a fully-updated driver software.

HP Envy Pro 6475 Wireless

Step 6: How to connect HP Envy Pro 6475 to wireless?

  1. HP Envy Pro 6475 wireless printer setup is simple. You will need a router, printer, and a computer for HP Envy Pro 6452 wireless set up.
  2. Tap on the wireless icon on the router to connect the HP Envy Pro 6475 printer to Wi-Fi.
  3. Next, within 2 minutes, click on the wireless button found on the control panel of your printer.
  4. Now, go to the wireless settings from your PC and get a wireless setup wizard.
  5. Follow the instructions and complete the HP Envy Pro 6452 manual wireless setup at ease.

Note: Have a buffer-free wireless connection to enjoy printing.

HP Envy Pro 6475 Wired

Step 7: Connect HP Envy Pro 6475 for wired connection

  1. Keep your HP Envy Pro 6475 printer and the PC close on a flat surface.
  2. Now, get a zero-damage USB cable and connect it between the printer and PC.
  3. Your printer and computer should be active when you attempt to connect the USB cable.
  4. Now, check whether your PC has appropriate wired driver software. Also, pick a wired connection when you install the driver.
  5. Your printer will not get a wired connection with the computer. Start printing your business files and photos now at ease.

Note: The USB cable you are making use of should be error-free and high-quality.

HP Envy Pro 6475 Fix

Step 8: HP Envy Pro 6475 Ink Problem Fix

  1. Be cautious in choosing the HP ink cartridges. Use only genuine and original HP ink cartridges.
  2. A leaky HP ink cartridge will ruin the HP Envy Pro 6475 printer performance. So, check the cartridge for leakage before installing.
  3. Also, do have a check that your ink cartridge is full before printing your files. Replace the ink cartridges if it is draining.
  4. Remove the plastic wrappings from the nozzle before you install the cartridges.

Note: A high-quality ink cartridge will provide the most life span.