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hp envy 6000 printer

HP Envy 6000 All-in-one printer

It can print, scan, and copy home office and commercial printing requirements at ease. It consists of a large paper tray to hold a high volume of printing sheets to print without hindrance. Also, you can install both B/W and color ink cartridges to take printouts of your desire.
You can also connect the HP Envy printer to a wired or a wireless connection. As the HP Envy 6000 printer already has the in-built wireless features, you can connect it at ease. On connecting to wireless network, you can begin printing without any hassles.Click here

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HP Envy 6000 Unboxing

Step 1: How to unbox HP Envy 6000

hp envy 6000 printer setup unbox
  1. Open the printer box now and then take out the HP Envy 6000 manual, ink cartridges, and the power cable.
  2. Take the printer out using the handle. Now, remove all the protective blue tapes, packing foam, and materials from the printer.
  3. Now, place your Envy 6000 printer on a flat surface closer to an electrical outlet.
  4. Take a power cord. And connect it between the respective slots of the printer and the wall outlet.
  5. Your HP Envy 6000 all-in-one printer will now turn on without human intervention.

Note: Follow these instructions without hindrance to complete the uncovering process without hassles.

HP Envy 6000 Connect

Step 2: How to connect power cable & display settings on Envy 6000

hp envy 6000 printer connecting power
  1. Take a power cable and remove all the packing materials from it.
  2. You will have to connect the power cable with the wall outlet and the printer.
  3. Now, your device will turn on, and you will find several display settings on the control panel.
  4. Select the language, region, and do all the printer settings as per your preference.
  5. Now, your HP Envy 6000 setup is over and ready for execution.

Note: Follow the above instructions to connect the power cord at ease. Also, do all the display settings to begin printing.

HP Envy 6000 Install Ink

Step 3: How to Install Cartridges on Envy 6000

hp envy 6000 printer install
  1. Open the access door and then take out the ink cartridges.
  2. Remove the protective tapes from the ink cartridges. And, install them across the respective slots.
  3. Use only genuine HP ink cartridges for better performance.
  4. After installing all the B/W and Color ink cartridges, you can close the access cartridge door.

Prerequisite: Be ready with the genuine HP ink cartridge. A non-HP ink cartridge will ruin your printer performance day by day.

HP Envy 6000 Load Paper

Step 4: How to Load paper on tray for Envy 6000

hp envy 6000 printers load papers
  1. Now, open the paper tray of your printer.
  2. Remove all the protective materials, clean the paper tray and ensure your tray is free from clots.
  3. Take a handful of HP recommended printing sheets. Next, put them in the paper tray of your HP Envy 6000 multifunctional printer.
  4. After stuffing the printing sheets, close the paper tray.

Note: Clean the paper tray well before loading printing sheets into it. A clot in the paper tray will degrade printer performance.

HP Envy 6000 Driver

Step 5: How to Download & install driver for HP Envy 6000 Setup

  1. Update your MAC or Windows OS and then open the browser.
  2. Now, search for the original HP website and go to the direct driver download link.
  3. Hit on the link to download the fully-featured HP Envy 6000 printer driver in your system.
  4. Follow the installation setup wizard and complete the driver installation.
  5. Finally, run the driver and accept all the driver terms and permissions. Now, assign print tasks to your printer at ease.

Note: Download and install only the fully-featured and the latest printer driver software. It should have all the modern print, scan, and copy features.

HP Envy 6000 Wireless

Step 6: How to connect HP Envy 6000 to wireless?

  1. To start with the HP Envy 6000 manual wireless, you should have a wireless network with the password.
  2. Now, turn on the wireless router and hit the wireless icon on your Envy 6000 wireless printer.
  3. Follow the wizard setup wizard and complete the wireless connectivity.
  4. Wait for some time, and your printer device will get a reliable Wi-Fi connection.
  5. On completing the HP Envy 6000 wireless setup, start wireless printing services.

Note: Have a router with uninterrupted Wi-Fi and the passcode to connect at ease.

HP Envy 6000 Wired

Step 7: Connect HP Envy 6000 for wired connection

  1. You should switch on your printer and keep it closer to the MAC or Windows system.
  2. Now, take a USB cable and remove it from the protective wrappings.
  3. Connect the USB cable between the respective slots of the Envy 6000 printer and the computer.
  4. Check whether you have a compatible wired driver software in your system.
  5. After doing all the above steps as listed, you can start printing at ease.

Note: These instructions apply for both the MAC and Windows 10 OS.

HP Envy 6000 Fix

Step 8: HP Envy 6000 Ink Problem Fix

  1. Do not use ink cartridges rather than the original HP ink cartridges.
  2. Check whether the ink cartridges are full and there are no ink drains.
  3. If the ink cartridge is leaking, you will not be able to print, copy, or scan files. So, check whether there is no breakage in the cartridges.
  4. Check whether you have installed the ink cartridges. Remove the protective tapes, and after installing close the access cartridge door.

Note: To get crisp and clear printouts, it is the duty of every printer user to check the quality of ink cartridges. Check the ink cartridges for better performance.