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hp envy 5052 printer

HP Envy 5052 All-in-one printer

How to setup, Print, Copy, Scan on your HP Envy 5052 Printer

The HP Envy 5052 all-in-one printer is compatible with Mac and Windows OS versions. On connecting the printer to the wireless network, you can print from any device with a click. HP Envy 5052 printer has advanced printing and connectivity features. This printer enables mobile printing via HP Smart App, HP ePrint, and Apple AirPrint.To see more similar modelsClick here

hp envy 5052 driver downloadFinding difficulties to setup HP Envy 5052 printer? Reach our team of  technical experts for more help

HP Envy 5052 Unboxing

Step 1: How to unbox HP Envy 5052

hp envy 5052 printer unbox
  1. Firstly, initiate the setup process by unpacking the HP Envy 5052 printer from its box.
  2. To begin with, peel off the tapes and protective packing materials from the printer.
  3. Now, check the accessories that came with the printer in the box.
  4. Then, remove the protective sheet from the printer scanner glass.

HP Envy 5052 Connect

Step 2: How to connect power cable & display settings on Envy 5052

hp envy 5052 printer connecting power cable
  1. The primary step is to connect the printer to the power supply.
  2. Next, connect the power cord from the HP printer to the direct wall outlet.
  3. After that, turn on the printer and set the default Preferences Settings.
  4. Here you can set a few settings, including date, time, language, and so on.

HP Envy 5052 Install Ink

Step 3: How to Install Cartridges on Envy 5052

hp envy 5052 printer install catridges-1
  1. Now, open the cartridge access door to install new envy 5052 ink cartridges.
  2. Then, peel off the protective tape over the copper contact heads.
  3. Next, wipe clean the ink slots and insert the ink cartridges into the slots.
  4. Then, ensure that the ink cartridges are correctly installed in the respective slots.
  5. Finally, close the access door and print the alignment page.

HP Envy 5052 Load Paper

Step 4: How to Load paper on tray for Envy 5052

hp emvy 5052 printers load papers
    1. Firstly, pull out the input tray to stack the suitable papers.
    2. Now, settle the papers in the slot without any folds.
    3. Next, follow the alignment guideline in the tray and align them accordingly.

Note: Make sure the edges of the paper rest well inside the tray and close it.

HP Envy 5052 Driver

Step 5: How to Download & install driver for HP Envy 5052 Setup

  1. Here, choose the latest Envy 5052 printer driver and software.
  2. Now avail expert assistance in spotting the compatible drivers and software for your Envy 5052 printer.
  3. Next, based on the Operating System (Mac or Windows), install the latest printer drivers.
  4. Finally, download the .exe file and complete the driver setup with on-screen guidelines. Suitable Mac OS versions: OS X Yosemite v10.10, OS X El Capitan v10.11, and OS X Sierra v10.12.Suitable Windows OS versions: Windows 10, MS-Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and XP.