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hp deskjet 2722e printer setup

HP Deskjet 2722e All-in-one printer

HP Deskjet 2722e Printer persists All-in-one Wireless setup through which users can establish the richness of printing with Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax facilities. Get your Smartphones connected to the Mobile printing capabilities like Apple AirPrint, Chrome OS, HP Smart app, and Mopria-certified. Select the printing document like Plain paper, brochure paper, envelopes, and other inkjet papers for vibrant printouts. To see more similar models please Click here

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HP Deskjet 2722e Unboxing

Step 1: How to unbox HP Deskjet 2722e

hp deskjet 2722e unbox

  1. Get the new Printer box and lift it down to the surface to start the unwrapping work.
  2. Fix the smooth and flat surface to locate the Printer setup using given electric cords.
  3. Inspect the inner-most protective covers on the printer parts and peel them out.
  4. Try to clean the Printer Control panel using soft tissue.
  5. Get the Printer head and handle them carefully to remove the packing stuff.
  6. Unwrap the excess packing covers and settle them into the dustbin.
  7. Try to explore the new Printer box and bring out the HP Deskjet 2722e Manual for the First-time Printer setup.
  8. Sort out the seen obstructions on the Input tray carriage and scanner glass.

HP Deskjet 2722e Connect

Step 2: How to connect power cable & display settings on HP Deskjet 2722e

hp deskjet 2722e connecting power cable

  1. Assign the clear surface for the Printer setup.
  2. Establish a power connection to the printer setup by arranging it near the power socket connection.
  3. Link the Printer and compatible device using USB or Ethernet cables and follow end to the wall outlet.
  4. Safely attach to the socket and power on the devices. Acquire support using HP Deskjet 2722e Manual.
  5. Try to finish the display settings using the reminders.
  6. Fill appropriates like region, time, date, and requirements using preferences settings.
  7. Wait till the Printer recognition using the compatible device and confirm a standard network connection.
  8. Then, link all the devices to the same network connection. Further, ensure the HP Deskjet 2722e printer setup is capable of a print job.

HP Deskjet 2722e Install Ink

Step 3: How to Install Cartridges on HP Deskjet 2722e

hp deskjet 2722e install ink catridges
  1. To start, buy the Premium-quality HP Ink cartridge.
  2. Peel out the covers from the new ink cartridges.
  3. Take the Ink cartridge nozzle area and remove the additional packing material on it.
  4. Try to pull the ink cartridge access door and examine the given color slot.
  5. Firmly click the required color ink cartridges into the mentioned color slot area.
  6. Further, close the access door and make sure the HP Deskjet 2722e Printer setup is ready.
  7. HP Printer allows both B/W and colored ink cartridge competence.
  8. Ensure whether the ink cartridges are loaded completely. If not, replace them with a new cartridge.

HP Deskjet 2722e Load Paper

Step 4: How to Load paper on tray for HP Deskjet 2722e

hp deskjet 2722e load papers
  1. First, turn on the Power connection to the Printer and pick up the input tray setup.
  2. Move to the input tray area and slowly open the access door.
  3. Look for the seen obstructions on the input carriage section and clear them.
  4. Get rid of paper clots if located on the input tray while examining.
  5. Attain the quality and HP recommended sheets for the installation process.
  6. Assemble them by short edge facing downwards and keep ready to stuff. Try to load the input tray completely for a well-organized print job.
  7. Slowly close the access door by adjusting the paper tray.
  8. Ensure the input tray preparations by testing trial print.

HP Deskjet 2722e Driver

Step 5: How to Download & install driver for HP Deskjet 2722e Setup

    1. To start with, connect the HP Deskjet 2722e Printer setup using compatible Windows/Mac.
    2. Try to open the Compatible device and check the Printer driver details.
    3. Use the web search and permit Third-party authentication.
    4. Reach the HP Official page and pick the desired printer-type driver software.
    5. Using the enrolled Printer driver names, choose HP Deskjet 2722e driver.
    6. Check the HP Deskjet 2722e Wi-Fi network connection. Link up all the Printer devices to a similar Wi-Fi network connection.
    7. Tap the mandatory driver file and pick the download option.
    8. Further, decide the mode of connection via USB or Wireless type.
    9. Verify the HP Deskjet 2722e printer Wireless setup using the printer control panel.
    10. Stay in touch with the installer prompts and connect the Printer using the prompts.
    11. Now, install the HP Deskjet 2722e updated Printer driver software version.
    12. Connect to the chosen document to be printed and make imaginative prints for your choice.