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Table of Contents

How to setup Wi-Fi connection on Epson printer

Are you in search of a guide to connect the Epson printer to Wi-Fi?

Then these are the wireless setup steps you will need to connect the Epson to Wi-Fi.

Before affixing the Epson XP 3100 printer to Wi-Fi, check for the below points:

  1. Get to know the network name and password of the router
  2. Check if the Epson printer is ready for a wireless or Ethernet connection
  3. Install an Epson updated Connect Printer Setup Utility

Epson printer to Wi-Fi

Following are the manual wireless setup instructions to affix Epson printer to Wi-Fi:

  1. Switch on the Epson printer and go to the control panel settings.
  2. Tap on the home button and the Wi-Fi setup menu.
  3. Now, select the Wireless Setup Wizard and click Ok to continue.
  4. Select the network name of the router and click Ok.
  5. Enter the password of the router and click Yes to confirm.
  6. The Epson printer will get a wireless connection to print online.

Epson printer WiFi connection problems

Following are the steps to troubleshoot the Epson printer Wi-Fi problems:

  1. Check if you have entered the correct network name and password of the router.
  2. Check if there are no foreign objects between the printer and the router.
  3. Check whether the network signal from the router is stable and without buffers.
  4. Also, look at whether you have the latest driver installed on the PC.
  5. Else, update the driver and try connecting the Epson printer to Wi-Fi.