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Table of Contents

How to setup Epson XP 310 wireless printer?

Follow the steps given below to set up the Epson XP 310 printer for the first time:

  1. Remove the printer box and take out the Epson printer and its accessories.
  2. Uncover the accessories and keep them ready for printer setup.
  3. Find a flat corner near a wall outlet to position the Epson XP 310 printer.
  4. Connect a power cord between the Epson printer and the wall outlet.
  5. Check if the wall outlet gets a consistent power supply and turn it on.
  6. Now, the Epson XP 310 printer will turn on with the display settings.
  7. Complete the display settings and go to the access area.
  8. Install genuine ink cartridges and open the input paper tray.
  9. Clean the print heads and remove the paper slots before inserting printing sheets.
  10. Now, connect the printer and PC with a USB cable or a wireless network.
  11. Install the updated Epson XP 310 driver to continue printing your files in no time.

Steps to connect the Epson XP 310 printer to Wi-Fi:

  1. Check if the Epson printer, PC, and router are active and working without issues.
  2. Now, place the printer and PC within the network range of the access point.
  3. Go to the control panel of the Epson XP 310 printer and tap on the home icon.
  4. Choose the settings menu and continue with the network settings option.
  5. Next, choose the wireless settings icon and open the Wireless setup wizard.
  6. Follow the steps shown on the wizard screen and enter the network name of the router.
  7. Now, type the network password and hit on the continue button.
  8. You will find a wireless connection on the Epson XP 310 printer.
  9. Finally, connect the PC also to the same network and ensure Epson XP 310 wireless setup by taking a sample print-out.