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Table of Contents

How to fix the HP printer driver unavailable error?

Driver Unavailable error can be easy to identify once the printer shows any form of trouble. Driver-related issues can cause various HP Printer troubleshooting parts. Try to check the printer errors by confirming with the printer control panel. And using the HP Official page for instant support.
You can also use the HP Print& Scan Doctor software to analyze the printer error and for its solutions. Carry out the given instructions below for the effortless printing and hassle-free printer setup.

  1. Make sure the printer to system connections and setup.
  2. Configurations are appropriate to the recommended options. If needed, try to change the options.
  3. Verify the running printer driver software for its version and expiry.
  4. Choose the Programs & Features option by starting with the desktop settings. Connect through the desktop search tab to find any printer-related settings to change.
  5. Click the uninstall option on the corresponding page/screen. Right-click to uninstall the HP Officejet 5255 driver software that is before installed.
  6. Then, use the HP Official page and enter the needed printer keys to get the desired HP printer driver software.
  7. Once you find the desired driver OS, tap the download button and install it using the on-screen prompts.
  8. Now, with the help of the latest driver installation– try to print using the print Still, you can’t perform print, go with the below steps.
  9. Further, proceed with the Device Manager Option from the windows settings tab.
  10. Next, click on the option- Show hidden devices option and mark the required printer-related entries.
  11. Then, use the uninstall options to delete the marked printer-related entries.
  12. Or, try to use the option- delete the driver software for this device option using the screen. And proceed with the Next > ok option.
  13. Restart and connect to the power to make a trial print work. Still, you find printer issues, use the below steps.
  14. Check whether the printer turns offline or not. Use the system settings and bring back the HP printer online.