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How to connect my Epson ET-2800 printer to WPS?

Establish the WPS setup with the modern device. Which has Wireless colour All-in-one printer features, use the given below steps. Before stepping into the WPS mode, you must get adequate knowledge about the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected setup) and its necessities in short.

  1. WPS is one of the easiest methods of connecting to wireless with wireless-enabled devices.
  2. WPS has two-mode for the users to get access to the wireless setup.
  3. You have WPS PIN mode and WPS Pushbutton mode.
  4. Attempt the Network Configuration page test and ensure the network stability.
  5. Confirm with the router’s activeness and configuration settings.

Epson ET-2800 WPS PIN setup

Hope you have cleared certain points about the WPS setup configurations to proceed below. Yes, go ahead and complete the Wi-Fi setup using your Epson ET-2800 printer setup.

  1. First, you have to support using the Epson ET-2800 Manual to set up to arrange the Epson printer, Wireless router & computer device.
  2. Ensure the interface connection about the start-up settings. Now, turn ON the printer.
  3. Bring the connected Wireless router to the default settings. Operate through the home page top-left and pick the Settings option.
  4. Connect through the Network setup option > Wireless settings. And find out the Wi-Fi Protected setup using the drop-down option.
  5. Next, you have a choice of using two modes on the WPS setup, using the WPS Pushbutton & WPS Pin. Here, you have to pick the WPS PIN on the screen to launch the wireless WPS Pin configuration process.
  6. Use the displayed WPS Pin on the screen for the Router’s web-based configuration.
  7. Finally, it’s time to explore the print work using the Epson ET-2800 WPS PIN setup configuration.

For more needs on Epson ET-2800 printer WPS setup, Contact Our Technical team for instant support.