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How to Connect Epson Printer?

Epson Connect Services

Epson Connect offers exclusive print features to simplify the print task. The following are the list of essential print features associated with Epson Connect:

  • The print and scan from anywhere option enable you to print and scan on the go.
  • Epson Connect lets you connect your Epson printer with Smartphones and more.
  • The Email print feature of Epson Connect allows automatic print. Share an email to the unique email address of your printer.
  • The Epson printer will now print the file at ease. The Email print feature applies to any email-enabled printer.
  • The Epson iPrint Mobile App of Epson Connect lets your print or scan from anywhere. It also provides online services like print and share. Make printing and scanning simple with Epson iPrint Mobile App.
  • The Epson Connect also comes with the Scan to Cloud feature. Users can scan files to Cloud or any other online storage system.

Epson Connect printer setup for Windows

Download and install Epson Connect services with the set of instructions given below:

  • Turn on your epson et-4760 Windows PC and update the Windows OS version.
  • Now, go to a web browser and download and install the latest version of the Epson Connect Services.
  • Next, open the Epson Connect App and agree to all the App permissions.
  • Click on the plus sign present on the App screen and add your printer.
  • Create a new Epson account and register your printer to the Epson account.
  • Now, choose remote printing and scan to the Cloud. Activate all other Epson connect services and features.
  • Assign print tasks from your device and get instant print output.
  • Epson connect services assure on-the-go print services. Reduce the print time with the print from anywhere feature.
  • Check whether you have installed the latest version of the Epson Connect Service App. Upgrade if a new version comes into the launch.

Epson Connect printer setup for MAC

Are you looking to download and install Epson Connect Services on MAC? Follow the set of steps given below:

  • Turn on the MAC PC and check for the OS version. Upgrade to the latest OS version if the current OS is not up to date.
  • Next, open a browser and search for the new version of the Epson Connect Service App.
  • Click on download to download the App. Run the Epson Connect Service App and get the installation instructions on-screen.
  • Follow the steps and complete the Epson Connect Service App installation.
  • Open the Epson Connect Service App and accept all the App terms.
  • Now, tap on the plus symbol on the App home screen. Add your Epson printer model to the list.
  • Sign in to an existing Epson account and register your printer model.
  • Turn on the remote printing or scan to the Cloud option and continue printing your files in no time.