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How do I connect my canon MF644cdw printer to WPS?

WPS is the Wi-Fi Protected Setup that is done to print the selected document using the wireless features and settings. Try to place the wireless router nearby the Canon MF644cdw printer to get the best on printing via wireless setup procedure.

Connect through the given step-wise and complete the WPS setup. Using the system, wireless router, and printer for professional and efficient print work.

  1. Use the Canon MF644cdw Printer’s control panel to get the Home menu.
  2. Use the log-in ID and Password to open the page. Then, select the preferences and network option.
  3. Further, wait for the next screen and pick the Wireless LAN settings option.
  4. On the Wireless LAN screen, give the ok option to the message stating-Do you want to enable the Wireless LAN?
  5. Select the WPS Push button mode and give ok.
  6. Locate the WPS Push button from the wireless router. Then, you need to press & hold the button.
  7. Try to support with the instruction Canon Manual for network-related help.
  8. Wait for the connection status.
  9. Close the settings. If you feel the network issues.
  10. Try to enter the network credentials like IP Address manually with the appropriate keywords to the field.