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Google Chromecast

Google Chrome Cast is a device that streams your subscription and videos online to any device that you connect it. You can use the Chrome cast with TV and computer of any compatible OS version. Also, you can control this compact streaming device with the remote control or the voice. The Google Chrome Cast is integrated with the Google Assistant, which makes it the best for the user experience.To see more devices please Click here


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Ready to cast ?

Now get the exclusive app for Android and iOS phones to change the settings and the controls. You can connect this compact chrome cast device top the Wifi network easily. It streams any video up to 1040 HD resolution.


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Google Chrome Cast Setup is simpler than any other technical process. This plug and play device allows the user to complete the setup process in a click. Here is the detailed set of instructions for the Google Chrome Cast setup with your TV.

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  1. To begin with, unpack the Chrome Cast device from the pack.
  2. Now verify the accessories for the HDMI cable and the USB cable.
  3. Here, initiate the Setup process and register the device to your Google account.
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  1. Then download the Google Home app to the Android device that supports casting.
  2. Now, on your Android phone with the Google Home app, go to the Wifi Settings and search for the available Wifi networks.
  3. Here, from the list, select your Chrome Cast device to connect the phone and the device.
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  1. Now, open the Google Home App and run the setup file. On the devices list, select your Chrome Cast device and select the SetUp option.
  2. Here, on initiating the Chrome Cast Setup, the app confirms your device name. Now continue by confirming your device name that is in connection.
  3. Then, the Chrome cast device displays a unique on the phone screen and the TV. Now verify that the codes are the same and proceed further.
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  1. Then, select the region, language, and date. Finally, name your Google Chrome Cast device for further use.
  2. Finally, you can enjoy the videos on the TV with 1080 HD resolution.

Sometimes you may face a few issues with the Google Chrome Cast device. These issues may be due to the setup process or connectivity. Our experts have listed the necessary troubleshooting steps for fixing some of the Google Chrome Cast recurring issues.


I see an error message “No Cast Devices Found”:

If you see this error message, then follow the below troubleshooting steps.

  1. Initially, try rebooting the Google Chrome Cast device.
  2. If the error message persists, check if the phone and the Chrome Cast are connected to the same wireless network.
  3. Then check if you can cast with the device. If you still got no luck, verify if you can play songs or videos from YouTube on your Google Home App.
  4. Finally, try factory resetting the Chrome Cast device and re-setup it.

For further Google Chrome Cast assistance, feel free to chat with our experts.

Unable to connect Google Chrome Cast to my Wifi:

If you face any issue with the Google Chrome Cast connectivity, you should check both the router and the device. Here are a few necessary troubleshooting steps for reconnecting the Google Chrome Cast device to the Wifi network.

  1. To begin with, check the wireless network and the router.
  2. Now, try moving the router closer to the Chrome Cast.
  3. If your Chrome Cast device is still not connecting with the Wifi, try using an extender.
  4. Then, try to reset the modem or the router and re-establish a wireless connection with the Chrome Cast.
  5. After that, try Factory Resetting your Google Chrome Cast device. To Factory reset the device, press and hold the hard reset button on your Google Chrome Cast device.
  6. Now, the device settings erase, and it reverts to the initial stage.
  7. Then, repeat the Google Chrome Cast setup process with the Google Home app.

If you are still unable to fix the Google Chrome Cast connectivity issue, ask our experts for assistance.