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How to fix the Epson Pro WF-7840 printer error state?

If the Epson Pro WF-7840 Printer control panel shows the Error state message. Relax- it’s a repeated error that can be occurred anytime while the print work. You can expect this type of error for many minor to major errors.

Reason for this kind of error on the Epson Pro WF-7840 Printer:

  1. Ensure whether the Epson WF-7840 printer driver software has been installed properly or not.
  2. Check whether the Epson has any Hardware-related issues.
  3. Look at the printer for its active connection and access.
  4. Inspect any paper jam issues on the input tray before proceeding.
  5. You may have trouble with improper ink cartridge/Tank installation.
  6. If your desired Epson Pro WF-7840 printer has an inadequate power supply.
  7. A corrupted or malfunctioned printer driver can result in this type of error on the Epson printer setup.

Now, use the below steps to resolve the detected reasons step-wise:

  1. First, you need to Run the Troubleshooter using the below options.
  2. Open the windows system and type Printers on the search tab. Then, give Enter key.
  3. Tap on Devices & Printers option> from the list of printer names, select the desired Epson Pro WF-7840. Right-click to the printer.
  4. Use the drop-down and select the Troubleshoot option.
  5. Wait till the problem gets solved. Or else, use the below steps.
  6. Open the system settings like Start>Settings>Devices>Printers & Scanners>Add a Printer or Scanner.
  7. Use the given instructions to connect the desired Epson Printer.
  8. Now, attempt the print work, or see whether the error state message pops or not. Proceed next, if you see the error again.
  9. Make sure the installed ink cartridges are original and quality. Or else, try to get the premium Epson ink cartridge/Tank and try out the print work.
  10. Otherwise, try to remove the printhead blockage using the option below.
  11. Proceed with the Tools> Print quality> ok.
  12. On the next page connect through Menu>Settings>ok>Tools>Clean print head.
  13. Now, wait till the print head gets cleaned and attempt the test print. Still, you face the issue, connect to the next step.
  14. Try to download the new Epson driver software or update. Using the Epson Official page and access using the latest Epson Pro WF-7840 driver software.
  15. Restart, or repeat the steps once again.
  16. Yet you face the issue, Contact Our Technical Team for instant support & Solution.