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Table of Contents

Epson XP-7100 wireless printing problem

Are you disappointed with your wireless print work using the Epson XP-7100 printer?

Relax is quite common for the printer to show this kind of issue while printing process. Don’t get panic or be frustrated, relax and follow the on-screen for troubleshooting using the Epson Official support page.

Connect through the given steps to overcome the Epson XP 7100 Printer issues in less time with easy setup directives.

Note: Try to ensure with the network to avoid these issues. Here, the network is the major key to this issue.

  1. You need to connect through the Epson Official page for the details. On the specific printer Hardware & Software references.
  2. Try to inspect the printer parts for any physical damage or defect.
  3. Try to attempt the Power-cycling method for better precision output on network printing.
  4. Turn OFF the printer and devices and later. Use the Epson Manual to guide through the port’s connection and configurations.
  5. Or attempt the print test report- make use of the Quality Diagnostic Report option. Connected Epson printer control panel.
  6. Suspect for any clogs on the ink cartridges ink levels- try to replace or refill. Using the Epson XP-7100 Printer Premium quality ink cartridges.
  7. Insert the ink cartridges into the respective slots to avoid troubleshooting issues.
  8. If you are inserting the ink cartridges, you will get the vent disturbance that can make trouble with printing.
  9. Make sure the network is appropriate using the system settings like Wireless setup> network menu and configurations.
  10. Try to place the wireless router nearby the printer setup to get problem-free access.
  11. Always use the Printer Manual for the suitable ink cartridge installation process.
  12. If the network is stable, you can try the print head cleaning to get rid of these issues. You can either use the automatic or manual method.
  13. Apply automated print head cleaning features, you can pick it from the Maintenance menu using the control panel settings.
  14. Choose the Run option to begin the cleaning procedure till you notice the print head clean.
  15. Finally, you can try to uninstall the default driver Software from the system and install it. Using the latest version from the Epson Official page support.

Still, you can print, Contact Our Technical Team for instant assistance.