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Epson XP-5100 printer Printer

Epson Expression XP-5100 Printer

Wireless all-in-one printer with convenient features

Expression Home XP-5100 is a perfect solution for everyday printing. This printer allows you to create or customize the tasks from your desktop. With a time-saving auto 2-sided printing, it prints with high-quality. The 150-sheet paper tray eliminates reloading time for fast printing. For simple access to the printer menu, it has the color LCD screen. Connect to a secure wireless network to print from anywhere. You can print and copy with or without a network from the portable devices. Now, it is easy to print lab-quality borderless photos using a built-in card slot. For more similar models please Click here reference

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Epson XP-5100 Wireless

How to Connect Epson XP-5100 to Wireless

To print from anywhere, you need to activate the printer’s wireless feature. Here are the steps, which assist in Expression Home XP-5100 wireless setup.

  1. XP-5100 wireless setup starts with the Epson XP-5100 driver download process. Firstly, choose the right driver from the product page and click on the Download option.
  2. During the Epson XP-5100 driver installation, the screen prompts with the setup options.
  3. Here, highlight the Wireless Connection option and move to the next screen.
  4. On the printer setup window, choose “set up the printer for the first time.”
  5. Then, activate the Wi-Fi Auto Connect by clicking on “Yes”
  6. Now, get the network details, which includes SSID and password.
  7. Next, choose the Start Setup option under the Network Connection Settings from the printer screen ‘Home.’
  8. After that, select the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard and enter the network credentials.

Epson XP-5100 FAQ

How to Fix Epson XP-5100 Setup Issues

How can I complete the wireless connection for the XP-5100 printer with Mac/Windows?

Enabling the Wi-Fi Direct mode is the easiest connection method ever. Now, go to the Home button on your printer panel. Next, look for the Wi-Fi Direct option to select the Start Setup. After that, select the SSID and password of your home network. Once finished, click on OK and return to the home screen.

Can I use USB and wireless setup on the Expression Home XP-5100 printer?

According to your convenience, you can choose either USB or wireless for connection. Comparatively, the wireless setup is a piece of cake. From the printer home screen, activate the Wi-Fi Direct or Wi-Fi option. Then, select the Start Setup to select the Wireless Setup Wizard option. Next, use the network details to enable the wireless connection.

What if I get Printer Offline Error when in connection with Windows?

To begin with, check if the printer can print without your computer. For that, use the printer control panel to print “nozzle check pattern”. If it prints, then delete your printer from the Windows device list and re-add it. Next, restart the router and re-establish the network connection.

What if I get Printer Offline Error when in connection with Mac?

If your computer has old drivers, then it may cause the error “Printer Offline”. In such cases, clear the current printer software file from the computer. Once removed, move to the product page to download the new drivers for the printer.

How to remove the installation error while setting up my printer?

Firstly, please switch off the printer and disconnect it from the computer. Then, select the Control Panel from the computer. Now, under the Devices & Printers option, choose your printer. Next, right-click on the printer name to choose the Remove device option. Lastly, reboot the computer and add your printer again.

What is the procedure to download the XP-5100 printer drivers?

Here are the instructions for the easy Epson XP-5100 driver setup. Before starting, ensure the completion of the printer setup without skipping the steps.

    1. To begin with, switch on the XP-5100 printer and do not connect to the computer.
    2. For downloading the latest Epson XP-5100 driver, browse the product page.
    3. Once you land on the setup page, scroll down and find the Download tab.
    4. From the list of available Epson XP-5100 driver files, download the Drivers and Utilities.
    5. Then, please move to the location of the driver file and open it.
    6. Next, run the software according to the on-screen prompts.
    7. If you get the prompts for selecting the connection, do it so.

Note: Connect the printer to the computer only when the screen shows the connection window.

Can I connect my Windows 7 computer to the XP-5100 printer?

Yes, you can connect your Windows 7 to the XP-5100 printer. Along with this OS, you can also connect it with the following OS versions.Windows Vista, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.13
Windows Server 2003 SP or recent versions
Windows Server 2016