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epson wf-840 printer setup

Epson Workforce WF-840 Printer

Epson WF 840 printer is the fastest performing printer across the globe. It assures high-speed printing, copying, and scanning all the time. Epson WF 840 printer also comes with an automatic double-sided colour printing service. The input paper tray of the Epson WF 840 printer model can hold up to 500-sheets at a time.
Print files without interruptions with the Epson WF 840 all-in-one printer. The Epson all-in-one printer ensures 2x more prints per cartridge. Also, it assures a wireless network connection at ease. Epson WF 840 printer helps on-the-go printouts in no time. Epson WF 840 printer also provides smudge-free and fade-resistant printouts.For more similar models please Click here reference

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Epson WF-840 Printer Setup

How to Setup Epson WF 840 Printer

The Epson WF 840 wireless printer setup is simple on using the Epson WF 840 manual. Before wireless setup, let’s see the initial Epson WF 840 setup steps.

First-time Epson WF 840 setup steps:

Follow the set of Epson WF 840 setup instructions given below:

  1. Unpacking the Epson printer and the printer accessories is the first step.
  2. Choose a flat and smooth surface near the wall outlet to position your Epson WF 840 printer.
  3. Take a power cable and connect it between the socket and the Epson printer.
  4. Turn on the Epson WF-840 printer and install the ink cartridges.
  5. Stuff printing sheets into the paper tray and continue printing.

Epson WF 840 wireless setup steps:

Follow the steps given below for Epson WF 840 manual wireless setup:

  1. Go to the control panel and find the settings menu.
  2. Tap on the network settings icon and search for the wireless setup menu.
  3. Now, click on the wireless setup wizard option.
  4. Follow the wireless setup wizard instructions and complete the wireless setup.
  5. Choose a wired or wireless setup connection of your choice.
  6. Now, wait for 2 minutes, and check if your Epson WF-840 printer gets a new Wi-Fi connection.
  7. Try assigning and printing files with a wireless network.

Epson WF-840 Driver

How to Download & install Epson WF 840 Driver

Downloading and installing the Epson WF 840 driver is no more a hassle. Follow the steps given below to install and update the latest driver version for Epson WF-840.

Epson WF 840 driver install:

Follow the instructions given below to download and install the latest driver.

  1. First, turn on your PC and the Epson WF 840 printer.
  2. Connect the Epson printer and PC to the same Wi-Fi.
  3. Now, go to the Epson Software download page and search for the latest Epson driver version.
  4. Hit on the download menu and wait for the Epson WF 840 driver to download.
  5. Run the downloaded Epson driver file and get an on-screen setup wizard.
  6. Follow the installation setup wizard and select a network connectivity type.
  7. The Epson driver will now install on your PC.

Steps to update the Epson WF 840 printer driver software:

Follow the guidance to upgrade the Epson WF 840 printer driver software.

  1. Look for an updated driver software compatible with your device.
  2. Enable the self-update feature for your device to update the driver in an instant.
  3. Check whether your PC and Epson WF-840 Printer share the same uninterrupted Wi-Fi.
  4. After an Epson printer driver update, allow all the driver terms.
  5. Now, choose a file and prepare all the print settings.
  6. Tap on the Print icon and wait for the printout.

Epson WF-840 Wireless

How to Connect Epson WF-840 to Wireless

Connecting your Epson WF 840 printer to a wireless network is mild. The Epson printer comes with in-built wireless connection features. Get the wireless network name (SSID) and password for a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Follow the steps given below to connect your Epson WF 840 printer to Wi-Fi:

Before wireless setup, ensure you have compatible Epson WF 840 driver software.

  1. Now, open your device and tap on the wireless connection type.
  2. Go to your Epson WF-840 printer home screen of the control panel.
  3. Select the settings option with the navigation keys.
  4. Next, choose the network settings and look for the wireless network settings option.
  5. Find and tap the wireless setup wizard option and follow the setup steps.
  6. Now, enter the network name or SSID and password on the prompt.
  7. Click continue and wait for your printer to make a wireless connection.
  8. Also, verify whether your computer system also has the same wireless network.
  9. Now, open a file on the PC to print.
  10. Make all the print setting changes of your wish and tap on the Print icon.
  11. The Epson WF 840 printer will now print files online at comfort.
  12. Get a wireless network report to check the printer performance.

Epson WF-840 FAQ

How to Fix Epson WF-840 Setup Issues

How do I set up my Workforce WF 840 to print wireless in Windows or MAC?

Connecting your Epson WF 840 printer model to a wireless network is not a trouble. Follow the on-screen wireless setup wizard to connect your printer to Wi-Fi. All you need is the wireless network name and the password. Also, place the router close to your Epson WF 840 printer. Check the signal strength of the router before setting up a wireless connection.

Can I set up my Epson WF 840 printer for both a USB and Wireless connection?

The Epson WF 840 printer supports both USB and wireless network connections. Check whether you have the latest Epson driver software. And connect a USB cable between the devices for a wired connection. Also, follow the wireless setup instructions to connect your PC and Epson WF printer to the same Wi-Fi.

How to rectify the Printer Offline error message during Wi-Fi Connection in Windows?

Most offline printer problems will be because of an error in the network. All you need is to restart your Epson WF 840 printer. Remove the power cord while your printer is active. Wait for some time, and reconnect the power cable between your PC and the Epson WF 840 printer. Check whether the power supply is consistent and turn on your printer.

How to rectify the Printer Offline error message during Wi-Fi Connection in MAC?

Check whether the network connectable is stable. Remove the wireless connection or remove your Epson printer. Disconnect the Ethernet cables and the USB cables. After some time, reconnect the power cord and add your Epson WF 840 printer. Now, connect the USB cable or follow the wireless setup steps. Get a stable wired or wireless connection between your devices.

How to connect Epson WorkForce WF 840 to Wi-Fi with buttons on the control panel?

Turn on your Epson WF 840 printer and go to the control panel. Tap on the settings menu and go to the network settings. Choose a wireless network setting and go to the wireless setup wizard option. Use navigation keys to go to other menus. Follow the Epson WF-840 wireless setup steps and get a new Wi-Fi connection.

How to fix installation failed error?

Check your network connection if the installation process terminates all of a sudden. The signal strength of your router should be consistent. Turn off and power up your Epson WF-840 printer and PC. Check if there is a connection between your printer and PC. Also, check whether the same Wi-Fi is between both the printer and PC.

How to install Epson WorkForce WF 840 software installation without CD?

Are you looking to install a driver without CD? Go to an Epson printer software download page. Enter the Epson printer model on the search box. The list of the available latest Epson connect printer setup utility driver will now appear. Select a driver of your choice and choose download. Follow the on-screen installation wizard to install the Epson WF-840 driver software.