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epson pro wf 4740 printer

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4740 Printer

High-performance all-in-one printer for bulk printing

Achieve heavy-duty performance with the Workforce Pro WF-4740 all-in-one printer. With Precision Core tech, it offers ‘Performance Beyond Laser.’ Now, print ceaselessly with the 500-sheet paper capacity tray. With two paper trays, relax about replacing the papers frequently.
Now, save up to 50 percent on every print vs. color laser printing. Maintain high-productivity at your workspace with auto 2-sided printing, copying, and faxing, and 50-page ADF. For smooth and easy navigation, the printer has a color touchscreen.Merely, it is a space-saving compact printer with high-efficiency.For more similar models please Click here reference.

epson pro wf 4740 printer installation servicesFinding difficulties to Connect Epson Workforce Pro WF 4740 printer? Reach our team of  technical experts for more help!

Epson Pro WF-4740 Printer

How to Setup Epson Pro WF-4740 to Printer

Want to know how to proceed with the Epson WF Pro 4740 manual wireless setup? Make use of the Epson WF Pro 4740 manual. The Epson printer manual will provide the steps for Epson WF Pro 4740 wireless printer setup. Complete the initial Epson WF Pro 4740 wireless setup and continue with printing.

  1. The first step is to unpack the Epson printer and the printer accessories.
  2. The Epson WF Pro 4740 setup needs unleashing protective tapes from all the printer parts.
  3. Choose a place close to the wall outlet. And check whether the electrical socket holds an uninterrupted power supply.
  4. Now, fix your Epson WF Pro 4740 printer on a flat surface near the wall outlet.
  5. Uncover a power cord and connect it between the Epson printer and the PC.
  6. Turn on the power supply and wait for your WF-Pro 4740 printer to switch active.
  7. Now, enable all the display settings.
  8. Choose the region, language, date, and time of your residential or commercial location.
  9. Next, open the access area and install the ink cartridges.
  10. Also, lift the paper tray and keep it free from paper clots.
  11. Now, install the printing sheets and close the paper tray.
  12. Choose a file and tap on the Print icon. The Epson WF Pro 4740 will now print the file at comfort.

Epson Pro WF-4740 Driver

How to Download & Install the Epson Pro WF-4740 Driver

Are you in need of steps to download and install the Epson WF Pro 4740 driver? Use the listed set of instructions. Every Epson printer will need a driver. The Epson software you choose should be the latest version. The latest driver version overcomes printer issues and provides new printing features.

Follow the Epson printer connect setup utility driver download and installation steps given below:

  1. Switch your Epson WF Pro 4740 printer and the PC active.
  2. Now, explore the OS version of the PC.
  3. Upgrade to the latest OS if you are using an outdated OS.
  4. Then, Go to a web browser and discover an Epson software download website.
  5. Type the Epson printer model on the home screen and click continue.
  6. The screen will now display a set of compatible Epson driver software.
  7. Choose the latest and updated driver file and tap on the download button.
  8. Wait for the Epson WF Pro 4740 driver to download.
  9. Run the downloaded file for an installation setup wizard.
  10. Follow the setup wizard instructions and complete the driver installation.
  11. Choose the network connectivity mode of your choice.
  12. Now, open my files on your PC and choose a document to print.
  13. Do all the print settings and tap on the Print icon if the files are ready.
  14. Wait for your Epson WF Pro 4740 print to print the files in no time.
  15. Enable the automatic driver installation menu if required.
  16. Keep monitoring the driver version for the latest updates.
  17. Get instant printouts by upgrading to an updated WF Pro 4740 driver version.

Epson Pro WF-4740 Wireless

How to Connect Epson Pro WF-4740 to Wireless

Epson WF 4740 wireless setup is now easy with our expert assistance. Let’s start the wireless setup. Before that, get the network name (SSID) and password.

  1. Initially, download the latest Epson Workforce Pro WF-4740 driver and start the installation.
  2. Now, you get the prompts to complete the wireless setup.
  3. Once you download the driver, choose the Wireless mode.
  4. After that, type in the network name and valid password.
  5. In less than a minute, the printer completes the wireless network setup.
  6. If you don’t have access to the network details, choose the option “First-time printer setup.”
  7. Next, the wizard automatically displays the SSID and the password.
  8. Then, on the printer control panel, choose the Wireless Settings option.
  9. For a successful wireless connection, type the network details prompted by the wizard.
  10. Lastly, verify the connection process by printing a test page.

Epson Pro WF-4740 FAQ

How to Fix Epson Pro WF-4740 Setup Issues

How to connect WF 4740 printer wireless to Mac or Windows?

The WF 4740 can connect to Windows and Mac with a simple Wireless Setup. Now, get the SSID and password of the wireless network. Then, choose the Wireless option and follow the prompts on the screen. When you reach the network screen, type the SSID and password, and connect the devices.

How to connect the Workforce 4740 printer via a wireless and wired connection?

Firstly, download the compatible drivers for your printer. While installing the printer driver, you may get the connection screen. Here, you can select either USB or wireless connection. For Workforce 4740 wired setup, connect the USB cable. Otherwise, choose wireless connection and type the network credentials.

How can I clear the “Printer Offline Error” when installing Windows via Wifi?

A poor connection is a significant reason for printer offline error. Firstly, check the wireless connection on the printer device. Reconnect the printer to the wireless network if needed. Then, restart the device and uninstall the printer driver. Now, install the new printer drivers.

How can I clear the “Printer Offline Error” when installing to Mac via Wifi?

Initially, check if the printer is connected to the network or not. If the connection is fine, then disconnect the printer from the Mac device list. Next, uninstall the existing printer drivers & software and reinstall them. At last, connect the printer to the wireless network.

How to clear the printer installation error?

Whenever you get the installation error, check the network connection of the devices. After that, install the compatible drivers and software for your WF 4740. If the installation issue recurs, then uninstall the drivers and software. And then, download the compatible set of Epson Workforce Pro WF-4740 driver and software.

How can I download WF-4740 drivers from the website?
  1. Firstly, choose the compatible Windows or Mac device to connect to the WF-4740 printer.
  2. Then, connect the printer to the selected system using wired or wireless mode.
  3. Now, on the driver page, select the Epson Driver Package to download.
  4. Once the driver is installed, choose the core file to run on the computer.
  5. While installing the Epson Workforce Pro WF-4740 driver, complete the steps as prompted.
  6. Finally, change the network connection type if needed.
What are the compatible Windows and Mac OS for WF-4740?
  1. Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 7 and Vista (32-bit, 64-bit)
  2. Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) and Windows XP Professional x 64 Edition
  3. Mac OS X 10.6.8 to mac OS 10.12.x
  4. Server System: Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows Server 2016