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Epson Workforce WF-2860 Printer

Epson Workforce WF-2860 Printer

Compact, High Speed and High Capacity All-in-one Printer:Looking for a versatile, compact, and a high-speed printer to print your official documents? If yes, the WF-2860 printer is the best choice. This printer offers a laser-quality printing experience. With the WF-2860 printer, reload the papers hardly ever as it consists of a 30-page Auto Document Feeder and 150-sheet paper capacity. Features of WF-2860 printer includes Ethernet, Wireless printing without network, and NFC1 touch-to-print capability. Also, the WF-2860 printer setup is compatible with smartphones and tablets apart from the computers Windows and MAC. For more similar models please Click here reference.
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Epson WF-2860 Printer

How to Setup Epson WF-2860 to Printer

The Epson WF 2860 wireless printer setup needs guidance from the Epson WF 2860 manual. A successful Epson printer installation will lead to better printer performance. The Epson WF 2860 manual wireless setup is easy to install. Follow the Epson WF 2860 wireless setup instructions now:

  1. The Epson WF 2860 setup begins with opening the printer package.
  2. Make sure you have removed the protective tapes from your Epson printer.
  3. Keep your Epson WF-2860 printer and printer accessories ready.
  4. Next, find a flat surface besides a wall outlet and fix your Epson printer.
  5. Now, clean the control panel and scanner glass.
  6. Take a power cable and attach it between the printer and the PC.
  7. Check the power supply for delays and turn it on.
    The Epson 2860 printer will now turn active.
  8. Now, open the access cartridge area and install the reliable Epson ink cartridges.
  9. Also, open the paper tray and stuff Epson recommended printing sheets.
  10. Connect your Epson WF-2860 printer to the PC with a USB cable or wireless network.
  11. Assign a print task now and wait for the printout.

Epson WF-2860 Driver

How to Download & install Epson WF 2860 Driver

The Epson WF  2860 drivers act as a bridge between the Epson printer and PC. The Epson WF-2860 printer will understand the print requests through a driver. The version of the Epson driver changes in a regular interval, so download and install the new updates.

  1. Every Epson printer follows the instructions from the PC through the driver.
  2. Power up your Epson WF 2860 printer and the PC and connect them to constant Wi-Fi.
  3. Keep note that both the Epson printer and PC share the same wireless network.
  4. Now, Go to a web browser and search for the Epson WF 2860 driver download page.
  5. Enter your Epson printer model and hit the search icon.
  6. The compatible driver’s list will now display on the screen.
  7. Select the required Epson WF 2860 driver software of your preference.
  8. Check if the driver software you have chosen is the latest. Tap on the download.
  9. Wait for the Epson driver software to download and run the downloaded driver file.
  10. The Epson WF 2860 installation setup wizard will now display on the screen.
  11. Follow the wizard steps and complete the Epson WF 2860 printer driver installation.
  12. Choose the network connectivity mode during installation.
  13. Choose a wired or wireless network to set up a connection with the PC.
  14. Next, check the performance of the Epson driver by assigning a task from the PC.
  15. Make all the print settings and proceed with tapping on the Print icon.
  16. Now, wait for your Epson WF 2860 printer to understand the print request and print the assigned files.

Epson WF-2860 Wireless

How to Connect Epson WF-2860 to Wireless

Connecting Workforce WF-2860 printer to a wireless network can be a difficult task. However, follow the instructions given below and make it easy:

  1. Before you start the setup process, ensure that the wireless network is stable and secure.
  2. After that, insert the CD into the device and install the Epson WF-2860 driver and utilities.
  3. Once the installation process is complete, move on to the wireless connection option.
  4. Here, if you already have the network name and password, then choose the second option; otherwise, select the first option- “set up a printer for the first time.”
  5. After that, click next and select the option “Yes” and continue the process.
  6. Now, select the option – “using control panel” and touch your network name and click “show network password” and tap next.
  7. Now, move on to the printer’s screen and press the home icon.
  8. Next, touch the second icon given on the menu and select the Wi-Fi icon.
  9. After this, touch the “Start setup” option.
  10. Now, select the Wi-Fi setup wizard and choose “my network” and enter the network password.
  11. Next, press “OK” and touch the “Start setup.”
  12. Finally, your Wi-Fi network setup process is complete for the WF-2860 printer.

Epson WF-2860 FAQ

How to Fix Epson WF-2860 Setup Issues

How to setup my WF-2860 printer for wireless printing in both mac and windows?

You can set up a Epson WF-2860 driver for wireless printing in both OS (mac and windows) using the control panel. For this, download and install the Epson WF-2860 driver and utilities. Now, either select your network from the list or enter the wireless network name and password manually. After this, touch the start setup option, to complete the wireless network setup.

Is it possible to set up my WF-2860 printer for network and USB connection both?

Yes, of course, however, the product doesn’t support Ethernet and wireless connection simultaneously. To set up a wireless and USB connection, product software should be installed separately (one for USB and one for wireless).

I noticed a message “Printer Offline” when I was trying to print in windows using a wireless connection. What do I do?

his problem may occur due to printer, device, or wireless connection error. Delete the ongoing print tasks and try printing them again. If this doesn’t work, then uninstall and reinstall the printer software.

When I tried printing using a wireless network on my mac, I get a “Printer Offline” error message. What do I do?


Connectivity problem in your device, printer, or wireless network can cause this issue. When you face this problem, cancel all the pending print tasks and try restarting them. If the problem recurs, then try reinstalling the software

Can I connect my WF-2860 printer to the wireless network with the buttons on the control panel?


Yes. Click the home button and select the “Wi-Fi recommended “option. Now, touch the “Start setup” and select your network. If your network is on the list, then enter the network and password manually using the on-screen keyboard

Failed to complete the installation process, what to do?

Check if your computer or laptop is compatible with the WF-2860 printer model. Now, verify all the connections between the printer and the devices. After that, uninstall the Epson WF-2860 driver and install it again. 

I don’t have a CD; how to install the software for my WF-2830 printer?

For this, you need the drivers and utilities for your computer operating system. Now, to download and install the software, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Firstly, ensure that the device and the printer are connected.
  2. Now, download the combo package of drivers and utilities for your device OS.
  3. After that, start installing it as per the instructions on-screen.
  4. Finally, complete the installation of Epson WF-2860 driver and utilities for your OS.