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epson et-2650 printer setup

Epson Eco Tank ET-2650 Printer

The Epson ET-2650 is an all-in-one wireless EcoTank printer. It is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. The Printer delivers cartridge-free printing as it contains supersized and easy-to-fill ink tanks. This supersized tank can include ink for almost 2 years. Thus, the ET-2650 Printer allows printing approximately 4000 pages. This Printer consists of an in-built card slot and a 1.44’’ color LCD. Now connect the Printer both wired and wireless to a network. Also, a Printer without a network with a range of storage device access.For more similar models please Click here to see

epson et 2650 printer installation servicesFinding difficulties to Connect Epson Eco Tank ET-2650 printer? Reach our team of  technical experts for more help!

Epson ET-2650 Wireless

How to Connect Epson ET-2650 to Wireless

Utilize the following guidelines for wireless connection setup with ET-2650

  1. Firstly, confirm the stability and security of your wireless connection.
  2. After that, complete the Epson et 2650 driver installation using the CD.
  3. Now, setup a Wi-Fi network by clicking the “wireless connection” button. Once you click this button, you receive two options.
  4. If you are setting up a Wi-Fi network for the first time, then select “Set up printer for the first time.” After that, click “next.”
  5. Now, choose your network from available Wi-Fi networks and type the security code.
  6. In case you do not have the Wi-Fi password, access the setup wizard through the printer panel.
  7. Initially, access the Home icon for Network settings options.
  8. Then, click the second button on the menu.
  9. After that, click “Wi-Fi” and then “Start setup.”
  10. Now, choose “my network” from the “wireless setup wizard.”
  11. Finally, enter the security code and click “OK.”

Epson ET-2650 FAQ

How to Fix Epson ET-2650 Setup Issues

How to set up a Wi-Fi connection in the Epson ET-2650 printer?

Initially, install the ET-2650 printer software and drivers. After that, if your network name is not listing, add it manually. In case your network is visible, select it. Then enter the security code to setup a stable wireless connection.

Is the Epson ET-2650 printer is compatible with and without USB cable?

Yes, the Epson et 2650 driver is compatible with both USB cable and the Wireless connection. However, it would be best if you got separate drivers for both connectivity options. Also, they both cannot be used simultaneously.

What to do if I get a “printer offline” error while printing with ET-2650 in windows?

Firstly, verify the connectivity settings between the Printer and the network. Next, disconnect the Printer from the network and reconnect it. If the Printer is still offline, get in touch with us.

While trying to print from ET-2650 in Mac, I encounter a “printer offline” error message. How to resolve this offline error? 

If the Printer shows offline when still in connection, disconnect the Printer from the network and try to reconnect it. Verify if the issue is resolved. If not, call our experts, and we assist you on the same.

How to connect the Wi-Fi network in ET-2650 via the control panel?

Initially, access the Home icon on the printer panel and initiate the Wireless Setup wizard. Now, follow the steps and type in the Wi-Fi password for a successful connection.

Unable to finish the software installation of ET-2650. How to reinstall it? 

If you are unable to install Epson et 2650 driver, here is an easy way to troubleshoot. Ensure your device is compatible with the Printer. After that, get in touch with our tech professionals and reinstall it.

Is it possible to install printer software for Epson ET-2650 without the CD?

Yes. To install it easy, go through the following set of steps:

  1. Firstly, your device and ET-2650 printer should not be in connection.
  2. After that, download the ET-2650 printer utilities and Epson et 2650 driver to your device.
  3. Now, you see the wizard prompt for a connection between the Printer and device.
  4. Finally, go through the instructions on the monitor and install the software.

What all OS versions are compatible with Mac and Windows to print with the ET-2650 Printer?

For windows, the compatible OS versions are 32 and 64 bit Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7, Windows VistFor Mac, only one OS version is compatible, and it is Mac OS X 10.6 – macOS 10.12.