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canon printer troubleshooting Offline error

Canon Printer Offline Error Troubleshooting Guide

You know, troubleshooting can occur for various reasons on your printer setup. Which may be inappropriate for proper functioning. Let’s see the possible reasons for this “Canon Printer Offline error”. The following brief instructions provide the best for resolving. The Canon printer Offline errors using basic troubleshooting steps.Please Click here to see more similar models

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Connect only with the below steps and get rid-off of the canon Printer is Offline’ Error.​

Majorly, the printer gets this type of Offline issue. When the printer cannot get the print command from the system connected to the printer while attempting the print job.
  1. Default settings issue: Incorrect default printer settings are the main reason your Canon printer goes offline. To escape this issue, ensure the printer is under ‘Default Printer’. Use Printer Offline Enable – When your system’s settings may be under the offline option, try to disable the offline options.
  2. Printer spooler error: Offline error may be part of print spooler corruption or technical fault.
  3. Inappropriate paper feeding: Usually, when the Canon printer has an issue with a paper jam, it may lead to an ‘Offline’ error. Ensure that the papers are aligned properly into the input tray machine.
  4. Issues with the USB: If you have used USB cables, ensure that the printer & the computer. Doesn’t have any loose wiring issues, which may cause an ‘Offline’ error. Try to ensure the connection between printer and computer twice.
  5. Due to the connection error: The wrong connection or no connection status between the computer and the Wi-Fi router may give this type of ‘offline’ error.
Yes, these are the main concern we must ensure before or after receiving the Canon printer offline error/issues. Carry out the below steps to overcome the Canon Offline issues on the desired Windows 10 computer and Mac machine individually.

Why my Canon printer keeps going offline on Windows 10, and how to fix it?

To begin troubleshooting to clear the Offline issue in windows 10. Ensure the printer setup power connectivity and proceed next. You can refer to the Canon Official page for the instant and spontaneous response on solving the Offline issues in windows 10 system devices.

Check for your Canon’ Printer Set as Default’ Settings: If you have the wrong settings in the windows system. You will get the Canon printer that can show an offline error. You must ensure with the Windows 10 locations and put the printer to the “Default printer” option.

Follow these steps to set up as a default of your canon printer:

  1. Access through the ‘Control Panel‘ from windows search and access through the ‘Devices and Printers’ option.
  2. Then, from the list of available printer names, right-click on your desired Canon printer to choose the option of ‘set as default’. After modifying the printer to the option- set as default, you can see a green checkmark on it.

Disabled 'Use Printer Offline' Status:

  1. Open your printer’s search bar and type to open the control panel, and select the Device and Printers. Now, you can see the installed printer names on the screen.
  2. If at all the printer shown has a green check mark, – right-click on your printer icon to choose the “See what’s printing option”.
  3. Or, if you notice any grey color checkmark, right-click to choose the option- “Set as a default printer option.
  4. To the end, pick the printer option, and you can see two possibilities nearby the printer icon. Stating ‘use canon printer offline or ‘Pause Printing’; try to uncheck them to bring your printer back online mode.

Make sure Canon Printer Spooler Service is Turned ON:

  1. First, you must open the Window search bar to the Run dialog box to type ‘services. msc and select Enter.
  2. Use the ‘Properties‘ window to locate the option- ‘Printer spooler’ option using the shown list. After finding, you need to ensure the status of the spooler is under ‘running mode’. If it is not under running status, right-click on the printer spooler to choose the ‘Start’ option.
  3. To restart the printer spooler service, right-click the ‘Printer Spooler’ option and select the ‘Restart ‘option.
  4. Finally, close the Properties window and inspect the status of your printer. Surprisingly, your printer is back to online mode.

Hope the printer turns online after following the above steps. If not- carry out the below steps.

How to Fix Canon Printer Showing Offline Error in Windows 10

Faulty or Outdated Printer Drivers Can Also Lead to the Canon Printer Offline Error:

Other than the above information or reasons, outdated & corrupted drivers may also be why this ‘Canon Printer Goes offline Windows 10‘ status. Try to install and update the correct printer drivers on your system. You have an open choice of updating the software either manually or automatically.

Follow these steps to update Canon Printer Driver:

  1. Open the search tab of the Windows system and run the dialog box
  2. Mention the ‘devmgmt. msc in the run dialog box.
  3. On the next step, use the Device Manager window to expand the ‘print queues’ option to locate your Canon printer from the shown list.
  4. Further, right-click on the desired Canon printer model and tap on the ‘Update Driver’ option using the menu.
  5. Finally, click on the ‘Search automatically option’ to update driver software and try to reboot your computer.

Why Is My Canon Printer Offline on Mac?

Improper or poor communication between the printer and Mac can cause this type of Canon printer offline error on your Mac system. Connect through the steps below to resolve the Offline issues on your Mac system device.

USB Connection Method to Get Back Printer ‘Online’ from ‘Offline’ Mode:

  1. To begin with, try to press and hold the power button hard to reboot the Canon printer.
  2. Choose the ‘Printer and Scanner’ option > ‘System Preference’ on MAC and try to delete the printer from your MAC Device.
  3. Try uninstalling the Canon printer driver using the option- ‘Utilities.’
  4. Safely unplug the MAC and printer-connected USB cable.
  5. Next, you must download the latest version of Canon printer drivers. Use the Canon official website using the appropriate printer keys.
  6. Please install it using the on-screen instruction.
  7. Further, try to press and hold the power button and restart the entire Canon Printer.
  8. You must now reconnect the MAC and Printer using a USB cable.
  9. Tap to the ‘Apple’ menu > ‘System and Preference’>Printer and Scanners’ & add a new printer by clicking the ‘+’ sign.
  10. You can see your Canon printer under online mode to perform a hassle-free print job.

Reset Apple's Printing System

Some improper or poor network connections may result in this type of Offline error when connected to the Mac system.

  1. To begin with, use the Apple Menu.
  2. Next, choose the System Preferences option.
  3. Further, connect through the ‘Printer & scanner’ option.
  4. Use the pop-up screen on your left panel to right-click & choose the ‘Reset Printing System’ Option.
  5. Once you are prompted to specify the user’s name and password. Try to mention both credentials.
  6. Complete with the ‘OK’ button.
  7. Relax for a few seconds until you notice the printer list.
  8. To the end, try adding the printer again using the ‘+’ sign.
  9. Finally, you can see your printer is back to online mode.


Hope you have got the best source to fix the ‘Canon printer keep going offline’ error on Windows and MAC operating systems. You can feel comfortable getting instant support on your printer queries from your Technical Team.