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Table of Contents

Canon Pixma TR8620a Wi-Fi connection

For the excellent Wi-Fi setup on your computer with reference to the network, use the simple steps to be followed given below. It’s very much common for the printer to show any sort of issues or disconnection. You can use the Canon Manual and start the reconnecting procedure with your active user Wi-Fi network support.

Types of WiFi connection for Canon TR8620a printer

  1. Easy Wireless Connect (Direct)
  2. WPS Button (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

Easy Wireless Connect (Direct)

Yes, now, we are going to start the Wireless connect i.e. Direct method on your Canon Pixma TR8620a printer setup device. Connect through the direct method, if your printer doesn’t support WPS Button to launch a wireless setup. Use the below step:

  1. Initially, turn ON the respective Canon printer is ON.
  2. If you happen to see the visible Green Light blinks, press the Stop button on the printer.
  3. Once you get the solid light on the device, you can press and hold the direct button on the printer panel for 2-3 seconds.
  4. You can see the wireless icon starts blinking on your printer’s active digital screen.
  5. Open the connected Windows 10 computer to download the Canon TR8620a drivers from the Official canon website.
  6. Then, you have to run the downloaded canon driver software on your computer.
  7. Now, use the Start Setup.
  8. Start installing the required Canon TR8620a driver software in no time.
  9. Further, you have to choose the location to save and click next.
  10. On the corresponding screen, you will be prompted with firewall settings.
  11. Here, pick the Deactivate the block.
  12. Inspect the active connection method and wait for your desired Canon printer and Wi-Fi name. confirm with the option- Yes
  13. When the screen is prompted, you have to enter the password of your Wi-Fi.
  14. After completing the needed password, you have to hit the Next option.
  15. Add the printer to the computer using your appropriate Wi-Fi settings.
  16. Now, concentrate on the other formatting like Page Alignment. Now, you are ready to print using the proper arrangement.

WPS Button (Wifi Protected Setup)

It is the second method that can be used to connect the Canon Pixma TR8620a printer to Wi-Fi using the WPS Button. With the help of a Wi-Fi connection, your wireless router must have a WPS button. If you have located the WPS button on your active router, proceed with the following steps. Or else, proceed with the Easy wireless connect option.

  1. First, Switch ON the Canon printer using stable power connectivity.
  2. Secondly, you have to ensure with the Green Light blinks and try to press the Stop button on the printer.
  3. If you have noticed the solid light on the device, try to press the Network button on the printer panel.
  4. You can see the wireless icon will start to blink on your printer’s digital screen.
  5. Reach nearby the wireless Router and locate the WPS Button on it.
  6. Try to press & hold the WPS button on the router for 3-5 sec.
  7. Wait for the WPS light on your active wireless router.
  8. You can receive this in one minute or 2 to initiate the Canon TR8620a printer to Wi-Fi.
  9. Confirm with the wireless setup page.
  10. If you can’t recognize the stable Signals Icon there, it means it’s not connected.
  11. Now go to your Windows 10 computer and download Canon TR8620a drivers from the canon website.
  12. Then, ensure the canon driver software is on your computer.
  13. Further, proceed with the Start Setup.
  14. Begin the installation procedure on the Canon TR8620a software and drivers which may take several mins.
  15. Try to redirect to the location to save and hit the Next.
  16. You will be redirected to the firewall settings and Deactivate the block.
  17. Confirm with the basic requirements like Wi-Fi name, press Yes
  18. Start the process of installation of the Canon TR8620a printer on your computer with Wi-Fi settings.
  19. Finally, print efficiently using the wireless setup.