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Canon PIXMA G3202

canon pixma g3202 driver setup

Canon G3202 Wireless Setup

Canon Pixma G3202 is an all-in-one wireless printer. Now, connecting the Canon G3202 printer to a wireless network is simple. Follow the wireless setup instructions and connect the G3202 printer to Wi-Fi. Print online from wherever you are with the wireless-enabled Pixma G3202 printer. Canon Pixma printer models are sleek and compact.
It fits into any space and provides quality printing all the time. Also, Pixma G3202 comes with an auto document feeder to save printing time. Affix your Pixma printer to a smartphone and print over the internet at ease. Always have an updated driver to gain control over the latest printing features.Enjoy all these in one compact package! Please click here to see more similar models

PIXMA G3202 Setup Drivers and Downloads

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Canon Pixma G3202 Driver

  1. Power up the Windows PC and go to the firewall protection menu.
  2. Disable the third-party App protections and go to a secure Windows browser.
  3. Locate the support page of an official Canon website online.
  4. Enter the printer and OS details to view a list of compatible drivers.
  5. Download a G3202 driver and open a driver setup window on-screen.
  6. Follow the driver installation steps and go to a network type of the choice.
  7. Install the driver and affix the G3202 printer to Windows at ease.
  1. Power up the MAC PC and check if your MAC works on an updated OS.
  2. Now, go to the firewall settings and free up all the App protection.
  3. Land on a support page of the Canon Pixma website online.
  4. Enter the printer model and the OS version to get a list of available drivers.
  5. Choose a compatible Canon Pixma G3202 driver and continue to download the driver.
  6. Now, open an on-screen MAC driver installer and follow the steps.
  7. Install the G3202 driver and affix the Pixma printer to MAC.

Canon Pixma G3202 Wireless Setup

  1. First, switch on the Windows PC, Pixma G3202 printer, and router.
  2. Now, place the G3202 printer and the Windows PC near the router.
  3. Go to the control panel of the Pixma printer and use the navigation key to tap home.
  4. Choose settings and find a wireless setup wizard to follow the steps.
  5. Enter the network credentials and tap ok to connect the G3202 to Wi-Fi.
  6. Now, connect the Windows PC to the same Wi-Fi and assign print tasks online.
  1. Boot up the MAC PC, Pixma G3202 printer, and router.
  2. Check if the MAC and G3202 printer are within the network area of the router.
  3. Now, go to the control panel settings of the G3202 printer.
  4. Choose home, tap on the settings menu, and go to the network settings menu.
  5. Choose wireless LAN settings and open the Canon Pixma G3202 wireless setup steps.
  6. Follow the steps and provide the network name and passcode of the router.
  7. Wait for the MAC and the G3202 printer to connect to a wireless network.

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Go to the control panel settings of the Pixma G3202 printer. Tap home, choose settings, go to the network settings, and choose wireless LAN. Now, open a Canon Pixma G3202 Wi-Fi setup wizard and carry out the instructions. Enter the network credentials to connect the G3202 printer to Wi-Fi.

First, set up the Canon Pixma G3202 printer close to the PC. Now, install an updated OS and driver on the PC to connect to the printer. Take a USB cable and connect it to the G3202 printer and the PC. Else, connect the PC and the G3202 printer to the same wireless network.

Switch on the Windows PC, go to the Start menu, and choose devices. Now, go to the devices and printers menu and see a list of available printers. Double-click on the G3202 printer and enable the active printer status. Reboot the printer and add it to Windows and continue to print.

Boot up the MAC PC, go to the Apple menu, and choose system preferences. Pick the printers and scanners menu to view a list of Pixma printers. Find the G3202 printer and right-click on it. Now, pick the active printer status and reboot the G3202 printer. Affix the Pixma printer to MAC and continue to print.

Go to the control panel settings of the G3202 printer and tap home. Now, choose settings and go to the Wi-Fi LAN settings menu. Open the G3202 Wi-Fi wizard and follow the setup instructions. Enter the network name and password to connect to Wi-Fi at ease.

Check if you have an active wireless network. Look at whether the router is stable and free from buffers. Now, check if the G3202 printer is within the network range of the router. Reboot the router and affix the printer to the router. Now, install the latest Canon Pixma printer software on the PC.

Go to the support page of a Canon site and enter the printer details. Also, enter the OS version to get a list of available Pixma drivers. Choose a compatible G3202 driver and continue to download the driver files. Now, follow an installer to install the G3202 driver and add the printer to the PC.

All the latest versions of Windows and MAC are compatible with G3202. Always have an updated OS and driver on the Windows or MAC PC. Check if you have a genuine cartridge and printing sheets to print with no hassles.