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The Canon MAXIFY MB5120 is a high-speed small office printer. It is a perfect printer for a workspace with around 9 users. The MAXIFY MB5120 model printer is compatible with the paper sizes – 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, Letter, and U.S. Envelopes #10. With this printer, you can print on Plain, Glossy, Semi-gloss, Label Paper, Matte, and U.S.#10 Envelopes.
This printer has two individual trays that can hold 250 Sheets of Plain Paper (Legal or Letter) and 20 Sheets Photo Paper of size 4 x 6. Also, it can print up to a resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi8.Please Click here to see more similar models

Canon MAXIFY MB5120

canon maxify mb5120 printer

MB5120 Setup Drivers and Downloads

Are you unable to setup the Canon MAXIFY MB5120 printer ? If so, Please contact our dedicated technical team for more help

Maxify MB5120 Wireless Setup

You can now use the below instructions to set up MAXIFY MB5120 wireless connectivity in Windows:

  1. To begin with, power on the printer and touch the “home” button.
  2. Then, go to LAN settings and tap “wireless LAN setup.”
  3. Here, touch the “cableless setup” option and then “OK.”
  4. Next, access the setup page and then press “download.” Now, you have the Wireless Maxify MB5120 setup file.
  5. Run the file and tick “Start setup.” Now, go through the on-screen installation instruction and install it.
  6. Then, move on to “Wireless LAN Connection” in the “Select Connection Method.” After that, tap “next.”
  7. Now, you’ve to choose “Connect via wireless router (recommended)” and then tick “next.”
  8. Now, a page appears on the monitor, asking for the serial number of MAXIFY MB5120.
  9. After that, touch the “next” button. Now, the drivers download process begins.
  10. Once you get the driver file, go to the page – “Test Print” and then touch “next.”
  11. After that, you can access the “setup complete” page, where click “next” to continue the process.
  12. Now, you get a list of software from which you have to choose any one software to install.
  13. Next, exit the page and enjoy wireless printing with the MAXIFY MB5120 printer.

Below instructions can help you set up Canon MAXIFY MB5120 wireless to Mac:

  1. Firstly, turn on the MAXIFY MB5120 printer and press “home.” Then move to “LAN settings.”
  2. Here, select “Wireless LAN Setup” and then “Cableless Setup.”
  3. After that, move on to the setup page to download the setup file once you download it, press “next” and carry on with the process.
  4. Next, click “start setup,” and after that, “yes.”
  5. Now, click “wireless LAN connection,” and after that, click “next.” Here, check “Connect via wireless router (recommended).”
  6. After this, the “Printers on Network List” screen pops.
  7. Here, type the printer serial number and go through the instructions carefully. After that, press “next” and download the MAXIFY MB5120 setup driver raw file.
  8. Here, move to the “Add Printer Screen” page and choose the option - “Add Printer.”
  9. Now, tap “OK” and go for the MAXIFY MB5120 printer with Bonjour Multifunction.
  10. Then, tap “Add” on the “Add a printer” page.
  11. Now, choose “Next” on the “setup complete” page.
  12. Here, from a list of available software, you may choose any software to install it.
  13. After selecting the software, click “next” and exit the page.


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download (1)

First, connect the Windows to the network. Next, touch the printer screen and tap “home.” After that, tap “WLAN setup” and then choose “Standard Setup.” Finally, touch, “OK.” Now, click on your Wi-Fi network name from the list and type the passcode. Finally, tap “OK” and connect your device to the printer.

Yes. Firstly, download and run the MAXIFY MB5120 software and driver separately. If you face any error during the Canon Software installation, call us.

Ensure that all the connections between your printer and device are proper and stable. After that, install the drivers again and restart the printing works. For more guidance, contact us.

Firstly, ensure that your device and MAXIFY MB5120 printer are in wireless connection. After that, uninstall the driver file from MAC and reinstall it. Then, perform the printing tasks to verify the fix. If the problem is not resolved, then call our experts.

Firstly, switch on the printer and tap the “home” icon. Then, select the “Wi-Fi recommended” option and tap “Start setup.” After this, find your Wi-Fi name from the list of available networks. Now, type your password and press “OK.”

Firstly, connect with our tech experts to acquire the latest MAXIFY MB5120 drivers and software files. Then, ensure that the printer is compatible with your device. Now, execute the steps on the Driver installer screen to install the drivers.

If you don’t have the CD, then contact us. We provide you the latest version MAXIFY MB5120 drivers for both Windows and MAC. Once you get the driver file, install it with the on-screen guidelines.

The compatible OS versions of Windows are Windows:17,18 Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP1, Vista SP2, Windows Server2012, 2012 R217, Windows Server 2008, 2008 R218.

The compatible OS versions of Mac is Mac: 19 Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.11.