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Why should I download the canon driver updated software for windows 10?

If you download the updated driver for your Windows 10, you may be free from unwanted driver unavailable-related issues during the printing purpose. You can directly update or download the latest Canon driver software for your compatible windows 10 system. Please Click here to see more similar models

Download and install canon drivers for windows?

  1. First, ensure with the windows driver software OS version.
  2. Then, use the Official canon page and download the desired driver file.
  3. Wait for the windows 10 suitable Canon printer driver using the list.
  4. Confirm with the download button and save it to the system folder.

Start the driver installation procedure using the on-screen prompts.

conan printer driver for windowsFinding difficulties in downloading the Canon Printer for Windows? Call us for quick assistance!!!

How to manually update canon printer drivers for windows 10?

  1. Switch on the printer and use the menu option>setup option.
  2. Then, carry out using the devices settings option.
  3. Proceed next with a Firmware update and give the ok option.
  4. Pick the install update and hit the ok option.
  5. Now, confirm with the yes> ok option.

Connect canon printer setup for windows

  1. Ensure whether the printer has connected with a flawless wireless network connection. Ensure the Canon wireless printer setup.
  2. Use the Windows system settings via the Run or search tab.
  3. Type control panel and select the Devices & Printers option on the next page.
  4. Hit the add printer option and select the desired Canon printer using the list.
  5. Now, the printer will get installed and start the print work by loading paper sheets to the tray.

Canon printer won’t connect to the wifi for windows?

  1. Make sure, recently you have not changed any wireless setup credentials like router password and other user ids.
  2. Then, turn off the printer and wait for a few seconds.
  3. Further, unplug the wireless router and wait for atleast 60 seconds.
  4. Then, use the Canon Printer Manual and plug the cords correctly.
  5. Finally, connect the printer back to the port and ensure the network stability to print effortlessly.
Note: If your Printer is not printing properly, then follow the steps For Canon Printer Troubleshooting issues.

Canon printer Scanner connection is not working for windows?

  1. First, you must ensure with the printer/scanner driver needs.
  2. Try to update the Canon printer driver or download the latest version directly from the website.
  3. If it is Ethernet or USB cables connection, make sure the cables are connected properly & securely.
  4. If it is a Canon wireless printer setup, check whether the scanner is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  5. Make sure the scanner shows the wireless indication on its control panel.