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Canon IJ Setup Process - Steps to Connect With IJ Start Canon

This article will consist of the best source with in-depth keys. How to install the Canon ij printer setup via ij.start.cannon method. We have listed the steps for both wired and wireless connections for Windows and Mac operating systems. Please Click here to see more similar models

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Setup Canon Printer on Windows (Wireless) - Using ij start canon

  1. To begin with, you have to download and install your printer’s driver using the Canon Official page support.
  2. Make sure your Canon printer is plugged in using the power switch and confirm whether it is turned ON or not.
  3. Then, you have to open the downloaded file and click on next till you see the screen where you see the option- Wireless Setup.
  4. Once you have done with the wireless option, connect through the Canon printer screen and tap on the Wi-Fi setup button.
  5. Use the device settings > OK.
  6. Proceed using the Device Settings>LAN Settings >OK button.
  7. Further, you have to access using the LAN settings>Wireless Lan Setup option and press OK. Now your printer will search for an access point.
  8. Ensure that your Wi-Fi router is turned on. You can see the Wi-Fi flash lamp will blink on your connected printer.
  9. Use the list of network names on the screen to choose the desired Wi-Fi network from the list by tapping OK.
  10. If prompt for WPA/WEP key (WiFi password). Specify the proper password and give the OK button
  11. Noe, you can see your printer will start to configure with the stable Wi-Fi network.
  12. To the end, proceed with the completed Canon ij wireless setup on your Windows system.

Ensure whether the printer is added to your Windows system using the below steps:

  1. Access through the Control panel >devices and printers option.
  2. If you see your desired printer with a green check mark on the next screen. If not, you have to arrange it with a manual method using the add printer option.
  3. Use the list of shown printers from the screen to pick the desired Canon printer from it.
  4. Select the next and relax at least for a few seconds until your printer gets added.
  5. Now, your printer will be under a green check mark.

Steps to Setup Canon ij printer on Windows Via USB -

  1. To begin with, you have to download the latest Canon printer driver & complete the driver installation process by browsing the website- ij start canon
  2. Next, you have to connect the printer and Windows system using the well-conditioned USB Cable.
  3. Then, you have to access using the Run option from the windows search bar and mention Control Panel> OK.
  4. Now, you need to proceed with the Devices and Printers option. Further, you can see your printer with a Green check-mark.
  5. If you are unable to see the printer, hit the Add printer to add manually.
  6. To the end, your Canon printer will be added to the windows system and you are ready to print using USB.

The process to set up Canon Printer on Mac using ij.

  1. Start to download and set up the driver using the and connect through the next step.
  2. Carry out the next procedures by connecting all the devices of the Canon printer to the same WiFi network as your device.
  3. Access using the Apple menu >System Preferences.
  4. Make use of the printer icon to get the option- Printers and scanners via the System preferences window.
  5. Tap the + sign nearer to the bottom left corner of the screen to get the window pop-up.
  6. On the left-hand panel of the screen, you can notice your Canon printer. If you are an existing user, simply click the begin to start the process.
  7. Further, you can see your printer name displayed on the Green check mark and do a test print to verify it.

How Do I Print?

  1. Make sure whether you have installed the correct version of printer driver software on the system either by using the – ‘ij.start.cannon’ or other CD driver source.
  2. Gently pull the input tray from the Canon printer to load enough paper sheets.
  3. Reach nearby to the active PC & open the document you want to print.
  4. Further, right-click on the file or document to choose the option print or Press CTRL+ P to print effortlessly.
  5. If needed, you can change the print settings by altering the properties, quality, print size, paper volume, and more.
  6. Finally, press the Print tab & relax until the input paper gets you to print your file or document.

How Do I Scan With Printer?

  1. Initially, you must download the Canon IJ Scan Utility using the Official canon site- ij. start. canon’.
  2. After downloading the software, just double-click on the utility software to get installed on your system.
  3. After completing the Scan Utility, Run it.
  4. Safely load the paper sheets into the scanner tray.
  5. Operate using the Settings option > Scan Document.
  6. Select the Document and change the related settings for your preferences.
  7. Now, you can see the effortless scanning work on your active Canon printer.

Basic Prerequisite before You Setup IJ.Start.Cannon Printer

  1. Try to maintain the model number of your printer handy to start the browsing on ij.start.cannon setup process.
  2. Confirm whether the device has enough storage space for driver installation.
  3. Make sure the printer is connected properly to the outlet and the power flow is stable.
  4. Finally, confirm whether the network is accessing properly with a sturdy range.


Hope the above content may give you enough information related to the canon printer configuration with reference e to the windows and Mac. Use the provided guidelines above for efficient printer access with the support of ij.start.cannon Setup. For more support & guidance on your Canon printer- Call Our Technical Team for instant support.