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Table of Contents

Why is Brother Printer Not Working with MAC?

Sometimes the brother printer might not connect to Mac operating system or fail to work with Mac. The main reason for this problem is because of the connection problem between Mac and Brother Printer. When it comes to this problem, several troubleshooting ways are there to fix this. Now, let’s check out how to make a connection between the Mac device and the Brother Printer.

How to Make a Stable Connection between the Mac Device and Brother Printer?

  1. To begin with, switch ON the Mac computer.
  2. Choose the Apple icon and select – System Preferences.
  3. After that, choose the option- Printer and Scanner and press the control key on the keyboard.
  4. Now, move on to the BROTHER printer and choose the reset printer button.
  5. Then, delete your BROTHER printer from the section- Printer and Scanner.
  6. Now, you have to choose the plus icon.
  7. And choose the preferred Brother printer from the shown printer list.
  8. Finally, the connection process is over.

What If your Brother Printer Does Not Respond to the Mac Operating System?

The general steps to solve the problem of the brother printer not connecting to the Mac device are:

  1. Switch Off the Brother printer and switch ON it after some time.
  2. Access the Mac computer and go to the System preference section.
  3. Add your Brother printer to the Mac device with the on-screen steps.
  4. Then, set your Brother printer as the default option.
  5. After that, click on the Apple icon on the Mac computer.
  6. Choose the Printer & Scanners menu and right-click on it.
  7. Then, select the option- Reset Printing System and reset the printer.

Now, let’s have a look at the troubleshooting steps for connection issues between Brother Printer and Mac device.

Troubleshooting steps for connection issues between Brother Printer and Mac device

For this, click the online option on your Mac computer and choose your preferred brother printer. Now, select the reset button on the Brother printer and move on to your computer. Then, select the icon- Apple and choose the preferred print. After that, click on the option- Print and Test. Now, access the keyboard and hit the control key. Then, right-click and choose your printer from the available printer list. Finish the process as per the on-screen steps.
Along with this, you can also connect the Brother printer to the Mac device using the CD. Are you thinking how to do? If yes, then here are the steps.

Standard Steps for Connecting the Brother Printer to the Mac with a CD

  1. Remove the USB cable connection between the printer and the wall outlet.
  2. After some time, plug the USB cable into the printer and wall outlet again.
  3. Activate the HP printer and then open the CD slot of your Mac device.
  4. Place the CD on the slot and close the CD slot.
  5. The driver setup CD starts functioning on the Mac computer.
  6. Continue with the on-screen steps and install the Brother Printer driver.
  7. Then, move on to the Printers and Scanners option and select the plus symbol.
  8. Choose your printer and add it with the wizard steps.

Final Thoughts

Brother printers are one of the best and printers for school, college, and business printing needs. Through this blog, that we made you clear on how to connect the Mac device and Brother Printer. If you feel any confusion in whatever to explain in this blog, call our tech support experts.