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Brother MFC-J6545DW

brother mfc-j6545dw printer

The MFC-J6454DW is an inkjet all-in-one printer offering reliable performance. It is perfect for all the home office and small businesses. The single-cartridge ink of MFC-J6545DW can print up to 1 year, i.e., approximately 300 pages per month. Its paper tray capacity is 250-sheet of 11’’ x 17’’ size. Moreover, it saves time with its 50-sheet automatic document feeder.For Similar models  Click here

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Brother MFC-J6545DW Wireless Setup

Now, set up wireless connectivity in the MFC-J6545DW Printer quickly. However, for this, first, download the recent Brother MFC-J6545DW setup drivers and utilities. After that, read the steps below to install software and set up wireless connectivity.

  1. Initially, click the drivers and utility file to start the setup process.
  2. Secondly, tick the “wireless network set up” option when the wizard asks.
  3. Then, choose I have a USB cable to add your Printer to desktop wifi temporarily.
  4. Next, access the printer control panel and click the wireless setup.
  5. Here, add your wifi name and its password to continue with the setup process.
  6. Next, move on to your device to add your Printer's name when the wizard asks.
  7. After that, continue the process with the help of screen instructions to finish the process.
  8. At last, print with MFC-J6545DW to check whether it is properly working.

In addition to this, if any help needed, reach us.

Now, add MFC-J6545DW setup to your Mac wireless network without any hassle. However, to perform this process, download the drivers compatible with your Mac OS. Then, read the steps below and add MFC-J6545DW to your wireless network and MAC.

  1. First, click the .dmg MFC-J6545DW setup file to begin the wifi network setup process.
  2. Then, a wizard appears on your device, asking for your wireless network details.
  3. Here, type in your network SSID and passcode.
  4. Next, insert the same ID and passkey on your MFC_J6545DW printer panel.
  5. Then, carry on with the process to connect desktop and Printer wirelessly.
  6. Lastly, start printing with Brother MFC-J5845DW using the device network.

If you have doubts or face any issue during the wifi network setup process, call our experts.


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You can connect MFC-J6545DW with your desktop and wifi network using the below methods:

  1. Connect your MFC-J6545DW with your desktop using a USB wire.
  2. Add your wireless network with the printer wireless setup mode. Then, connect the Printer to your computer with the wizard instructions.

For more assistance on the MFCJ6545 setup, get in touch with our technical support team.

Yes. You can add your MFC-J6545DW to the computer via both wireless and wired connection. Below steps can help you perform this task easily.

  1. Firstly, call our tech support team for the compatible MFC-J6545DW drivers.
  2. Secondly, initiate the connectivity set up process by clicking the download.
  3. Then, go through the wizard installation steps and conclude the process accordingly.

Note: Both wired and wireless connectivity set up is not possible at the same time. Also, while downloading the drivers, get it separately for both the setup.

To resolve the "printer offline” issue with the MFC-J6545DW, use the steps below.

  • Start the process by reassuring the connection between your Windows device and MFC-J6545DW.
  • After that, touch the printer panel to access the status monitor settings.
  • Now, insert your printer name under the “device to display” and “device to monitor” options.
  • Then, complete the ongoing process successfully as per the wizard instructions.
  • Next, reinstall the status monitor on your Windows device.
  • Now, to install the status monitor correctly, follow the wizard installation steps.

After installation, print with printer MFC-J6545DW.

Instructions below can resolve the “printer offline” issue with MFC-J6545DW in Macintosh.

  1. Firstly, assure that your MFC-J6545DW is in connection with your Mac computer.
  2. Next, disconnect your Mac device from the Printer and reconnect it.

For additional guidance, please speak with our technical support team.

To start with, delete the MFC-J6545DW printer drivers and utilities compatible with Windows 7. After that, reinstall the Brother MFC-J6545DW printer utilities compatible with Windows 10.

Implement the steps below and resolve the installation failure problem quickly:

  1. Firstly, start the process by checking the settings of the Printer and your device.
  2. Secondly, remove the MFC-J6545DW driver from the device and again install it.
  3. Finally, finish the driver installation program as per the wizard instructions.

General steps to install MFC-J6545DW printer driver without using the installation CD:

  1. Start the process by downloading the latest MFC-J6545DW driver compatible with your OS.
  2. Secondly, click the downloaded .exe file to start installing the drivers.
  3. Then, contact our professionals for technical help to install MFC-J6545DW drivers successfully.

Yes, it is compatible with Windows 10 (32-bit). Along with this, it is also compatible with Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 SP1 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8 and 8.1 (32 & 64 bit).

Apart from this, it is also compatible with certain Mac OS versions. This includes 10.12, 10.14, 10.13, 10.15, and OS X 10.11.

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