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Brother DCP-T220

brother dcp t220 printer setup

Brother DCP-T220 printer is a Multi-function printer that has enormous features that can elevate the quality of the printing output. It can bring the best in colorful printing work with various advantages on printing like durable ink cartridges and print pages after pages. To enjoy the Brother DCP-T220 printer features, you have to download & install the latest Brother DCP-T220 driver software refers to the compatible system device. For Similar models  Click here

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Brother DCP-T220 Driver

  1. Initially, you have to turn ON the desired Brother DCP-T220 and the Windows Device.
  2. Next, proceed with the system’s browser to surf the Brother website.
  3. Now, you have to choose the Drivers and Software and specify the details like Brother DCP-T220.
  4. You have to pick the desired Brother DCP-T220 driver from the list of driver names that suit the printer keys.
  5. Then, try to Download the Brother DCP-T220 driver and initiate the installation.
  6. Track the provided on-screen instructions and complete the driver setup.
  7. Ensure the printer driver setup by attempting the print work.
  1. To begin with, start the Brother DCP-T220 and the Mac device.
  2. Utilize the system’s browser to visit the Brother website to download the Brother DCP-T220 driver.
  3. Further, access using the Drivers & Software to extract the driver names list.
  4. Specify the printer keys properly - Brother DCP-T220 and Mac OS.
  5.    From the shown printer driver names, choose the all-in-one Brother DCP-T220 driver.
  6. Start the Brother DCP-T220 driver installation using the provided on-screen prompts.
  7. Add the printer to the software and start the print work.

Brother DCP-T220 Wireless Setup

  1. Driver installation procedure is the last step of the Brother DCP-T220 wireless printer setup.
  2. After that, when the installer prompts for the connectivity type- Choose a wireless mode.
  3. Confirm with the Brother DCP-T220 wireless printer setup.
  4. Be prompt on the network credentials to be entered on the network field.
  5. From the list of shown networks- choose the BrotherDCP-T220 wireless printer using the drop-down menu.
  6. You need to prefer the wireless connection using the required network credentials and proceed.
  7. Now, you are done with the wireless setup with your preferred network.
  1. The last step of the installation process requires the Brother DCP-T220 wireless printer setup.
  2. Choose Brother DCP-T220 wireless printer setup when the wizard prompts.
  3. A wireless connection should be available with its credentials.
  4.    Connect the Brother DCP-T220 printer to the network.
  5. Choose the desired connection from the list.
  6. Enter the wireless credentials and establish a connection.
  7. Click Finish at the end and the Brother DCP-T220 wireless printer setup is complete.


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  1. First, switch ON the Brother DCP-T220 printer and the system.
  2. Go near the desired printer to locate the Wireless icon.
  3. Then, choose the wireless settings > Wireless Setup Wizard.
  4. Prefer the wireless connection by entering the required wireless connection credentials.
  5. Finalize with the Ok and wait until the connectivity starts.
  6. Ensure whether the windows and Mac devices are under the same wireless connection

  1. Start the Brother DCP-T220 printer connection using the wireless network.
  2. Reach nearby the printer to pick up the wireless connection.
  3. Specify the required details of the wireless network connection and try to finish the connection by clicking Ok.
  4. Make sure the network connection is proper using the wired network, a USB cable is necessary.
  5. Ensure the system is connected to the wireless. Try to connect the USB cables only after the installer prompts.
  6. Slowly, insert the USB cable to the printer and the device to complete the setup.

  1. If happen to see the printers’ offline message, you have to alter the network.
  2. Make sure the wireless connection is active throughout the process. Restart the wireless router and connect it again.
  3. Yet, you see the same Offline issues, look at whether the Brother Printer driver is updated or details.
  4. Repeat the same procedure on the desired Windows device. Confirm whether both the device's OS are updated properly.
  5. Finally, try to restart the entire device.

  1. If you are unable to connect the Mac to wireless, you may result in Brother DCP-T220 Offline issues.
  2. Confirm whether it has an active connection. Attempt to restart the wireless router and connect it again.
  3. Make sure the printer’s driver is updated to its latest version.
  4. Try to repeat the same for the Mac system and proceed with print work to confirm the troubleshooting process.

  1. First, you have to turn ON the brother printer and connect through the printer’s panel.
  2. Pick the wireless icon > Network Settings.
  3. Get down to prefer the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  4. Next, you have to select the desired network using the necessary network credentials.
  5. Tap OK and finish the setup procedures.

  1. If you see the printer showing an Installation Failed error state,use the below steps.
  2. Try to remove or uninstall the driver using the system settings which is installed on the system.
  3. Browse through the official website and finish the driver download process.
  4. Ensure that you have completed troubleshooting steps.
  5. Inspect for any device update which is related to the Software. Instantly update it.

You can download the driver from the Brother’s Official page. Track the guidelines from the website to start the printer driver. Try to get the appropriate printer details to specify on the tab like printer name and the operating system. From the shown list of driver names, select the all-in-one printer driver and finish the download and installation. You need to track the provided on-screen instructions and finish the printer and the device using the appropriate driver.

You must be prompt in choosing the right version of the printer driver while the driver setup procedure. While the process of downloading the printer driver, you must confirm with the printer keys, operating system are compatible with the system’s preferences.

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